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Burbank Building Division - 9 Stair

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preview image for Maxallure X adidas' "Beautiful Thoughts" Video

Maxallure X adidas' "Beautiful Thoughts" Video

ThrasherMagazine 9 days ago

Jahn, Donta, Marcos and company spark the show before Lil Dre delivers the most distinguished part of his young career. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Ish Cepeda's "AD ASTRA" Part

Ish Cepeda's "AD ASTRA" Part

GAS GIANT 15 days ago IG @gasgiants__

preview image for "4 LOVE" By Kevin Perez

"4 LOVE" By Kevin Perez

Kevin Perez a month ago

I've always wanted to make a video with as many of my friends as possible. I had the opportunity to do so. Enjoy! Featuring : Yuto Horigome Robert Neal Lui Elliott Diego Najera Joshua Nishimiya Willie "454" Wilson Dashawn Jordan Ryan Carrell Nakel Smith Ish Cepeda Mike Wine Shay Sandiford Collin Slew Daniel Scales Theotis Beasley Patrick Cannon Patrick Zentgraf Denny Pham Bobby Bils Franky Villani Bailey Schreiner Trent McClung Tj Harris Pedro Munoz Jake Darwen Christian Dufrene JP Souza Daniel Lebron Danny Fuenzalida Hugo Corbin Yosef Ratleff Bubba Jackson Kaspar Van Lierop Carlos Ribeiro Tommy Fynn Marek Zaprazny Nikolai Piombo Terrill Jefferson Jafin Garvey Paul Rodriguez Shane Oneill Manny Santiago Jonny Hernandez Filmed & Edited By Kevin Perez ► SUBSCRIBE: ► INSTAGRAM: ► TIKTOK: ► TWITCH: ► 2ND CHANNEL

preview image for éS | T.J.I.F | TJ Rogers Part

éS | T.J.I.F | TJ Rogers Part

esskateboarding 7 months ago

TJIF? Yep. This Friday is all about TJ Rogers in this powerful éS video where this Canadian prodigy casually destroys old and new skate spots throughout Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada. Includes appearances from Wade Desarmo, Tom Asta, Shmatty, Marcus Shaw and Jonny Hernandez. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited By: Kevin Perez ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filmed by: Devin Lopez Jordan Moss Kevin Perez Eric Iwakura Spanish mike Alan hannon Erick valentic Edited by Kev Perez Shop éS footwear and apparel Subscribe to our YouTube channel: We command you follow the Lords and Masters on all social media! Facebook: Instagram:

preview image for Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk

Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk

ThrasherMagazine 7 months ago

Homies, hijinks and heavy moves, Tyson cracks it open with some of his hardest hits in LA before T Funk closes out on his full-speed tear through our City. Not even the cover can prepare you for that China Banks ollie. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Yuto Horigome's "Spitfire" Part

Yuto Horigome's "Spitfire" Part

ThrasherMagazine a year ago

Yuto's had a helluva year, from droppin' his hit April part to snatchin' that weight back home. Still going, he hits LA landmarks and stacks a spine-crackin' hammer you won't forget. Jesus… Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for DREAM2021MOVIEVILLE


Tristan Warren 2 years ago

By Tristan Warren 00:00 Terrill Jefferson, 3:43 O'connor Nelson, 10:18 Mingus Gamble, 12:33 Matty Lemond, 14:40 Andrew Scott, 17:18 Dylan Varady, 20:53 Sunny Suljic, 22:56 Tucker Babchuck, 25:49 Cooper Angelli-Neff, 28:29 Avi Malina, 34:30 Dogsilly 36:10 Jinx Montage, 38:26 Katsuya Shiratori, Kader Sylla, Skater Pat, 41:32 Pat Cannon, 47:21 Credits.

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