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Bymilen - Bank To Ledge

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Kevin White Part - "SINCERELY K WHITE"

Pocket Skateboard Magazine 2 years ago

We are happy to present you Kevin White's latest part - SINCERELY K WHITE. Kevin's positive energy is very inspiring and backed up by great skating. Much love for you K White! Guest Trick by Sean Imes A Film by Andrew Freeman Filmed by Tanner Rowe, Davonte Jolly, Naquan Rollings, Justin Albert, Chris Mulhern, David Serrano, Dennis Ludwig, Anders Garcia, Austin Lambo, Ryan Lee, Andrew Freeman, Rafael Galvao, Bobby Bils, Jais Hansen, Mitch Hoxby. Photo by Zander Taketomo Get our books & apparel collection here: Feel free to subscribe to our channel and follow us on Instagram: Our Website:

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GODSPEED by Davonte Jolly

Illegal Civ 4 years ago Directed by Davonte Jolly. 0:00 - Intro 4:28 - Kevin White 8:50 - Ishod Wair 16:17 - Zach Saraceno 20:40 - Ish Cepeda & Robert Neal 25:46 - Noe Solis 29:31 - Nico Hiraga 33:09 - Aramis, Sunny & Gary 36:12 - Atlanta 38:27 - Hardies Hardware 40:25 - Nak,Louie,TJ,KB 42:51 - Homies 44:26 - Sean Imes 45:52 - Zion Wright 50:28 - Alex Midler 57:35 - Credits

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GODSPEED | Official Trailer

Illegal Civ 4 years ago Directed by Davonte Jolly.

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