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4311 Wilshire - 10 Stair Gap Over Rail

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preview image for DC SHOES : OK BET


DC Shoes a year ago

OK BET shines a light on 2 of DC's newest AM's - Thomas Dritsas and Adilson Pedro along with heavy cameo's from the rest of the global squad crushing spots in London, Paris, Lisbon, Los Angeles and Philly. This is only the beginning...

preview image for "4 LOVE" By Kevin Perez

"4 LOVE" By Kevin Perez

Kevin Perez a year ago

I've always wanted to make a video with as many of my friends as possible. I had the opportunity to do so. Enjoy! Featuring : Yuto Horigome Robert Neal Lui Elliott Diego Najera Joshua Nishimiya Willie "454" Wilson Dashawn Jordan Ryan Carrell Nakel Smith Ish Cepeda Mike Wine Shay Sandiford Collin Slew Daniel Scales Theotis Beasley Patrick Cannon Patrick Zentgraf Denny Pham Bobby Bils Franky Villani Bailey Schreiner Trent McClung Tj Harris Pedro Munoz Jake Darwen Christian Dufrene JP Souza Daniel Lebron Danny Fuenzalida Hugo Corbin Yosef Ratleff Bubba Jackson Kaspar Van Lierop Carlos Ribeiro Tommy Fynn Marek Zaprazny Nikolai Piombo Terrill Jefferson Jafin Garvey Paul Rodriguez Shane Oneill Manny Santiago Jonny Hernandez Filmed & Edited By Kevin Perez ► SUBSCRIBE: ► INSTAGRAM: ► TIKTOK: ► TWITCH: ► 2ND CHANNEL

preview image for SCHIZOID


Rapid Skateshop 2 years ago

SCHIZOID A PigPen Project Presented by Rapid Skateshop In order of appearance: Liam Tiemeyer Hart Pullman Davis McDonald Cole Park Art Cordova Nick Livigni Jack Tabor Jason Flemming Guy Azulay Tucker Babchuck Amin Sharif David Seino Maverick Crain Leo Cienfuegos Special thanks to all of our customers and community that support the shop. Additional Filming: Gage Arenas Kai Rosenthal Nick Livigni Sean Grohs ** RAPID SKATESHOP DOES NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC ** Militarie Gun - "All Roads Lead To The Gun" Support Militarie Gun here: widowdusk - "Holding On" Support widowdusk here: Rachel Goswell - "Save Yourself"

preview image for Venture X Geometric

Venture X Geometric

Venture Trucks 2 years ago

Geometric taking it from Houston to Dallas, LA, NY, and Florida with a stacked crew for the release of their new Venture collection. Limited V-Hollow Lights Trucks, Tees, and stickers. Only available in-store and online at Video by Will McCarthy

preview image for Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk

Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Homies, hijinks and heavy moves, Tyson cracks it open with some of his hardest hits in LA before T Funk closes out on his full-speed tear through our City. Not even the cover can prepare you for that China Banks ollie. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for REAL presents Ishod

REAL presents Ishod

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Already an all-time great, but still in his prime, Ishod makes it look easy in this ten-minute über part for REAL. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Chocolate Skateboards "Bunny Hop"

Chocolate Skateboards "Bunny Hop"

crailtap 2 years ago

Chocolate Cinema Presents "Bunny Hop" Starring: James Capps Erik Herrera Jesus Fernandez Jordan Trahan Stevie Perez Kenny Anderson Raven Tershy Carlisle Aikens Vincent Alvarez Featuring: Justin Eldridge Chris Roberts Andrew Brophy Breana Geering Cory Kennedy Griffin Gass Jeron Wilson Niels Bennett Rick McCrank Rowan Davis Sean Malto Simon Bannerot Tyler Pacheco Directed by: John Marello Filmed by: John Marello Daniel Policelli Canaan Hernandez Executive Producers: Rick Howard Mike Carroll Megan Baltimore Spike Jonze Produced by: Sam Smyth Edited by: John Marello Additional Editing: Daniel Policelli Art Direction Carlos M. Gutierrez Evan Hecox Visual Effects: Johannes Gamble 16MM Cinematography: John Marello Still Photography: Alex Papke Mike Blabac Sam Muller Chocolate Tour 2 Trailer: Directed by Colin Kennedy & John Marello Screenplay by: Mark Lewman Shot by: Colin Kennedy Edited by: Colin Kennedy & Johannes Gamble Special Appearances by: Ray Barbee Daniel Castillo Richard Mulder Bob Stephenson Federico Vitetta Stevie Williams and Chuck from Chuck's Skate Barn "Bunny Hop, Son!" Keenan Forever Gabriel Forever Time Stamps: Chocolate Tour 2 Trailer: 0:12 Intro: 5:18 James Capps: 7:18 Erik Herrera: 10:51 Jesus Fernandez: 14:52 Jordan Trahan: 16:18 Stevie Perez: 19:33 Kenny Anderson: 22:21 Raven Tershy & Girl Montage: 23:29 Carlisle Aikens: 27:06 Vincent Alvarez: 31:25 Credits: 36:44 Follow Crailtap on Instagram: Daily Content and More!: Like Crailtap on Facebook:

preview image for Kyle Walker's "RUBY" Vans Part

Kyle Walker's "RUBY" Vans Part

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

Kyle kills a trove of fresh and iconic spots with his classic repertoire before grinding rails too big to measure. SOTYs are made of somethin' else... Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for BAKER 4



preview image for TJ Rogers' "Blind" Part

TJ Rogers' "Blind" Part

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

TJ hits the Hollywood 16 once again and handles some iconic cuts in The City. Even security recognizes the talent. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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