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Spring Place - 5 Stair Out Ledge

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preview image for Koby Dvorak Rips The Streets With The Fastest Bearings!

Koby Dvorak Rips The Streets With The Fastest Bearings!

Bronson Speed Co. a year ago

Koby Dvorak rips the streets with the fastest bearings and throws down a banger at UC Irvine for his Bronson Part. Follow Koby - Filmed by: Isaac Eteminan - Josue Sanchez - Stone Hendrikx - Tim Cisilino - Jesse Silva - Andres Garcia - Tylre Wilcox - John Evans - Edited by Koby Dvorak - Subscribe to the Next Generation Channel: 🏁​ 🏁 Learn More about Bronson RAW Bearings:​ Learn More about G3 Next Generation Bearings:​ Keep up with the #FastestBearings​ on Social: 🏁 Instagram:​ 🏁 Twitter:​ 🏁 Facebook: Shop Next Generation Bearings 💸

preview image for Brandon Buchko's Technê Skateboards part

Brandon Buchko's Technê Skateboards part

brian leathers a year ago

Technê Skateboards Brandon Buchko

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Freeskatemag 2 years ago (for those unable to watch on youtube) A Rose Street Skateshop Video Video by Kyle Geldert 00:00 Jake Cortez 03:35 Noah Fayyazuddin 06:09 Indy Jones 06:47 Nico Jones 07:42 Jake Braun 08:37 Sean Kelling 08:49 Angelt33th 09:33 Parker Wyse 12:24 Justice Lora 15:50 Curran Stagg 19:18 Smiler Perez 24:09 Cruise Mosberg

preview image for Santa Cruz Skateboards 'MISPRINTS'

Santa Cruz Skateboards 'MISPRINTS'

Santa Cruz Skateboards 2 years ago

We proudly introduce our newest video 'MISPRINTS' Starring Tom Asta, Maurio McCoy, Kevin Braun & Introducing Devin Flynn. Directed by Joe Perrin with associate producer Eric Palozzolo. With a focus on their east coast and midwest routes the crew traveled between Philadelphia, New York, Nashville and more over the last year. Camera work by Nick Hanson, Harry Bergenfield, and Joe Perrin Hit up our US Dealer Locator to find a shop near you! See the latest at our official store 🏁 WATCH "Bae" on THRASHER HERE! 💥 Santa Cruz Skateboards, located in Santa Cruz California, was established in 1973 by then owners, Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman who founded NHS Inc. Santa Cruz Skateboards has long been revered as one of the original skateboard companies that has not only survived over the years, but contributed to the innovation and modernization of skateboards and skateboarding. From the beginning, 'TIL THE END. Santa Cruz Skateboards Team: Blake Johnson, Devin Flynn, Emmanuel Guzman, Eric Dressen, Erick Winkowski, Fabiana Delfino, Henry Gartland, Jake Wooten, Jereme Knibbs, Justin Sommer, Kevin Braun, Maurio McCoy, Steve Alba, Tom Asta, Tom Knox, Yndiara Asp & Zion Effs Visit The Henry Gartland Foundation 💜 Check us out on TikTok! Try our SCREAMING HAND Filter on Instagram! Learn more about Santa Cruz Skateboards at: Follow Santa Cruz Skateboards on Instagram! Follow Santa Cruz on Twitter! 'Like' Santa Cruz Skateboards on Facebook!

preview image for éS | T.J.I.F | TJ Rogers Part

éS | T.J.I.F | TJ Rogers Part

esskateboarding 2 years ago

TJIF? Yep. This Friday is all about TJ Rogers in this powerful éS video where this Canadian prodigy casually destroys old and new skate spots throughout Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada. Includes appearances from Wade Desarmo, Tom Asta, Shmatty, Marcus Shaw and Jonny Hernandez. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited By: Kevin Perez ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filmed by: Devin Lopez Jordan Moss Kevin Perez Eric Iwakura Spanish mike Alan hannon Erick valentic Edited by Kev Perez Shop éS footwear and apparel Subscribe to our YouTube channel: We command you follow the Lords and Masters on all social media! Facebook: Instagram:

preview image for REAL presents Ishod

REAL presents Ishod

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Already an all-time great, but still in his prime, Ishod makes it look easy in this ten-minute über part for REAL. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for John Dilo's "Red Tiger" Almost Part

John Dilo's "Red Tiger" Almost Part

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

Dilo's power-packed skating hits new heights as he demolishes massive sets and oversees the next evolution of manuals. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for STAR & MOON


Foundation Skateboards 3 years ago

Foundation Skateboards presents another offering of art and top notch boarding from Julian Lewis, Dylan Witkin, and Corey Glick. Featuring a montage from the rest of the F troop ! Directed/Edited by Don Luong Stop Animations by Corey Glick and Samantha Shepherd

preview image for The Yuto show !

The Yuto show !

April Skateboards 3 years ago

This Yuto part really has it all ! He wanted to bring it back to the VX for this one ! Enjoy ! Filmed by Kevin Perez Additional filming Eric Koston Joseph Nicolaus Eric Iwakura Dan Abadi Ant Travis

preview image for Nike SB's "Constant" Video

Nike SB's "Constant" Video

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

In uncertain times, an eclectic roster from the Swoosh stays focused on the one thing that always rules. With epic sections from GT, Daan, Oski, Korahn, Hause and more, this vid shines with a much-needed light. Appreciate the constant. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for GODSPEED by Davonte Jolly

GODSPEED by Davonte Jolly

Illegal Civ 3 years ago Directed by Davonte Jolly. 0:00 - Intro 4:28 - Kevin White 8:50 - Ishod Wair 16:17 - Zach Saraceno 20:40 - Ish Cepeda & Robert Neal 25:46 - Noe Solis 29:31 - Nico Hiraga 33:09 - Aramis, Sunny & Gary 36:12 - Atlanta 38:27 - Hardies Hardware 40:25 - Nak,Louie,TJ,KB 42:51 - Homies 44:26 - Sean Imes 45:52 - Zion Wright 50:28 - Alex Midler 57:35 - Credits

preview image for Venture x Bustcrew Video

Venture x Bustcrew Video

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Richmond's finest rush through the rough streets of Virginia, putting them Ventures to the ultimate test. Whether it's hairball roof gaps or hectic DIY pole jams, Rowe, Barker, Beall, Messer, Mcneely and more stay AWAKE by turning up the heat. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for John Dilo's "Welcome to Almost" Part

John Dilo's "Welcome to Almost" Part

ThrasherMagazine 5 years ago

Mega-pop, manual mastery and a ferocious flick–Dilo never disappoints. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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