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veganxbones 7 years ago

Skateboarding video by Tom Gorelik SUBSCRIBE HERE: Screengrab is the latest video from Tom Gorelik a.k.a. Russian Bob. Features a part from Troy Stilwell, Quartersnacks' favorite below-drinking-age caucasian skateboarder. Featuring parts from Ryan Santiago, Kasper Bejoian, Kozo Cavalcanti, David Nelson-Hospers, Chris Pierre-Jacques, Troy Stilwell, and Garret Daly. After being told that a local theater couldn't have any more skate video screenings because 'the staff couldn't handle them anymore,' Tom Gorelik premiered his newest video, Screengrab, by projecting it onto the wall of a handball court underneath the Manhattan Bridge. Now, this is downtown Manhattan in 2015, where the powers that be are very particular about what goes down in public places. When the parks department rolled up, I knew it was done. Nothing. Maybe Kozo Cavalcanti's massive snap deterred them. Ten minutes later a squad car slowed down curiously and I really knew it was done. Nothing. I guess they were impressed by Garret Daly's hurricanes. Or maybe they just didn't mind the conglomeration of fifty or so people—skaters, a surprising number of non-skateboarding girls, and a few old neighborhood locals, crowded around a generator with a speaker and a projector propped up on an overturned trash can. Fuck yeah, New York's still got it. As I felt the crisp October air and heard sounds of trains and traffic on the bridge, I felt the very real, vivid rush of nights passed with that same devil-may-care attitude out in the streets. I watched as a cast of mostly up-and-coming rippers did their thing in those very same streets, with a bit of out west—Massachusetts and California, it's all west from here—thrown in for good measure. I haven't seen so much Seaport ledges in one video, but given the variety of tricks on them, I didn't mind one bit. Two people did tricks that involve shimmying over an obstacle on a ledge they were on. And I dare you to try that no-comply shove it to cross-legged landing. At just twenty minutes in length, the video was able to be looped twice before the cops finally paid a real visit, busting one poor soul who was pissing in the corner because he had an unpaid ticket for being in a park after dark. Fuck, New York's still got it. Watch this then hit the streets for everyone in the Tombs who can't.

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