Sasha Tavitian a month ago

Emerald was Premiered on August 21, 2021. Filmed for over the past 2.5 years, Emerald is a video representing the Seattle skateboarding scene. Mainly filmed in the Seattle area, but also in Portland, Coeur d'Alene, and New York City. Intro 0:00 Jasper Levine 1:53 Austin Kerish 7:02 Brendan Howe 11:11 Joey McAdams, Mick, McAdams, & Seth Goler 16:15 Xavier Holte 20:31 Trevor Groth 24:29 Credits 31:36 Produced and Edited by Sasha Tavitian Featuring: Jasper Levine Austin Kerish Brendan Howe Seth Goler Mick McAdams Joey McAdams Xavier Holte Trevor Groth Filmed by: Sasha Tavitian Pepe Betancourt Ian Ostrowski David Koler Joey McAdams Additional Filming by: Mick McAdams Xavier Holte Jasper Levine Trevor Groth Dylan Clark Antonio Massey Corey Woods Music Credits: Mbass123 - Excerpt Be Forest - Empty Space E. Myers - I Am Alive The Agnes Circle - Martial Love DJ Violence - Tha Intro '96 & 2 Thick 4 Y'all 3DMG x APOC KRYSIS - I Gotta Have It Unknown Label - Rabona DJ Akoza - Scarecrow Forever Ken Lazlo - Hey Hey Guy We Lost the Sea - A Gallant Gentleman Tame Impala - Powerlines Thank you: 35th North, Primitive, DLX, Liquid Death, and Sausage Skateboards

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