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BRONZE 56K 17 days ago

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Foundation Skateboards 5 months ago

Foundation Skateboards presents another offering of art and top notch boarding from Julian Lewis, Dylan Witkin, and Corey Glick. Featuring a montage from the rest of the F troop ! Directed/Edited by Don Luong Stop Animations by Corey Glick and Samantha Shepherd

preview image for Place Presents: UNLISTED 26 by Sam Greenwood

Place Presents: UNLISTED 26 by Sam Greenwood

Place Magazine 6 months ago

Didn't we tell you that Salt Lake City was the place to be? Last year we had Seamus Foster this year we give you Sam Greenwood and that Cal Ross part that you didn't know you needed! Read the article here: Check us out on IG here:

preview image for 'The Crystal Cleansing' by Widdip

'The Crystal Cleansing' by Widdip

widdip 10 months ago

UN-MUTED VERSION: *disclaimer* - nick and the 2nd to last song are muted ;( go to thrasher link above to hear the pure edit The 5th full-length by Widdip Featuring: Shane Farber, Garrett Haschke, Victor Gonzalez, Nick Hagley, Noah Chee-How, John Morrissey, Preston Carey, Lucas Jackson, Sky Wolf, David Godbey, Terrell Dunnings, Khamal Sanders, Grayson Miller, Jake Vezeau, Nick Hogan, Tyreek Morrison, Ellias Kitt, Matt Suwalski, Nigel Hart, Chris Milic, Cyrus Bennett, Hugo Boserup, Justin Brock, & Alex Olson 0:00 Intro/Garrett Haschke & Shane Farber 6:11 Khamal Sanders, David Godbey, & Terrell Dunnings 8:25 Victor Gonzalez 12:45 Lucas Jackson 14:05 Night time, Right time 15:48 Sacred Grounds 18:44 Nick Hagley 21:36 John Morrissey 25:45 Grayson Miller 27:18 Sky Wolf 28:31 Jake Vezeau 30:35 Noah Chee-How 31:42 Preston Carey 34:00 Final Montage 38:22 West End 39:09 Garrett & Shane Climax 42:50 Happy Ending Filmed & edited by Grayson Miller

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Matt Mazza a year ago

SEC4 is live. Featuring some of Atlanta's finest skateboarders Brendon Lagna, Travis Glover, Skyler Clark, Dakota Plumley, Zeke Logan, Trey Abad, Josh Butler and more!

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Terminus skate video a year ago

Full-Length Atlanta Skateboarding Video Filmed and Edited by Kerrick Hall 2020

preview image for Zeke Logan SEC4

Zeke Logan SEC4

Matt Mazza 2 years ago

Zeke Logan SEC4

preview image for SEC4 "OGs" Montage

SEC4 "OGs" Montage

Matt Mazza 2 years ago

SEC4 "OGs" Montage featuring Skyler Clark, Jordan Smith, Preston Wysocki, Josh Butler, Max Yoder and Travis Glover!

preview image for 88 Footwear "Destroy Everything Now" (2004)

88 Footwear "Destroy Everything Now" (2004)

Skate Video Vault 2 years ago

preview image for Krux "Blown Out" (2004)

Krux "Blown Out" (2004)

Skate Video Vault 2 years ago

preview image for The Grime and Grit

The Grime and Grit

Scott Wagoner 2 years ago

2009 Skate video from Atlanta

preview image for Beautiful Breakdown Corey Duffel video part 2005

Beautiful Breakdown Corey Duffel video part 2005

Corey Duffel 2 years ago

As always. Hey there dudes! So here it is. My part from my brothers video "Beautiful Breakdown" filmed and edit by my older brother Stephen Duffel. There are some other contributed filmers as well. This was stuff that wasnt used in That's Life, Destroy Everything Now, or wasnt going to be saved. Some was reused from the 88 video, because why the fuck not. Ya dig? this is a fucking smasher of a song. The Tights, Cracked. amazing punk band from the uk in 77. They put out some of my favourite tunes. Was lucky enough to get in touch with the band as well after this part came out. I have a rad shirt they sent me. So stoked! I hope ya enjoy. Punk rock and skateboarding, a way of life. -Corey

preview image for TERMINUS Full-Length Atlanta Skateboarding Video

TERMINUS Full-Length Atlanta Skateboarding Video

Terminus skate video 3 years ago

Filmed and Edited by Kerrick Hall Featuring Jacob Danowitz, Jake Vezeau, Taylor Gilmer, and Nate Peterman FULL-LENGTH 2019

preview image for HD//VLOG~2


widdip 3 years ago Bird takeover. NYC, Athens, Birmingham & of course Atlanta. Feat. Noah Chee-How, Garrett Haschke, Nick Hagley, Victor Gonzalez, Shane Farber, Grayson Miller, Ellias Kitt, Preston Carey, Andrew Murrell, Ben Hayes, Jake Vezeau, David Godbey, Zane Durfee, Jeff Hopper, Khamal Sanders, Jace Agoli & more

preview image for EST '89 - TJ Rogers, Chris Wimer, JS Lapierre & Many More

EST '89 - TJ Rogers, Chris Wimer, JS Lapierre & Many More

Charles Giroux 3 years ago

Here's the friends part from the Exo Shop video EST '89, a movie by Charles Giroux & Eric St-Laurent. Featuring TJ Rogers, Chris Wimer, JS Lapierre, Charles Deschamps, Will Cristofaro, Jon Cos & many more.

preview image for Candid Glitter

Candid Glitter

widdip 3 years ago

UN-MUTED VERSION - Produced by Widdip Atlanta Originally posted on Thrasher Magazine. Filmed & edited by Grayson Miller "Candid Glitter" is our fourth full-length video production starring: Shane Farber, Garrett Haschke, Victor Gonzalez, Grayson Miller, Noah Chee-How, Nick Hagley, & more.

preview image for Mikey Lopez "REROUTED" Part

Mikey Lopez "REROUTED" Part

Matt Conrod 4 years ago

Film by Matt Conrod

preview image for Isla Voyeur by Widdip Atlanta

Isla Voyeur by Widdip Atlanta

Freeskatemag 4 years ago

Featuring: Garrett Haschke, Nick Hagley, Grayson Miller, Shane Farber, Victor Gonzalez and Noah Chee-How. Filmed and edited by Grayson Miller. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

preview image for Sleepwalking (2009) Full video.

Sleepwalking (2009) Full video.

Nick Hopper 5 years ago

My video Sleepwalking premiered 8 years ago this month at the now deceased Woodward Skatepark in Lawrenceville, GA. It took 8 years to finally upload it to the 'tube. Enjoy it! Full Parts: Patrick Palmer Drew Lambertson/David Karbowski/Jeremy Wheeler Robbie Donaldson Austin Sneed Mckenzie Goff Daniel Murgueitio Stephan Broyles and Tony Yeap Featuring: Travis Glover, Andrew Edge, Sam Gribbon, Dominick Hoffman, Scott Chalfant, Josh Butler, Josh Nation, Garrett Bauman, Matt Cullen, Ant Mo, Ben Hayes, Ross Lanning, Nick Paolucci, Brendan O'Neill, Anthony Dodardo, Jordan Smith, Justin Flinkfelt, Matt Owens, Micah Freeman, Marcelo Pancote, Justin Diamond, Brad Griffeth and Jordan Lucas. Filmed by: Nick Hopper, Robbie Donaldson, Austin Sneed, Martin Baird and Mike Hogan Edited by: Nick Hopper

preview image for Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008

Scott Wagoner 5 years ago

2008 AtlantaHatesUs

preview image for Who Actually Cares?

Who Actually Cares?

Leeeuhp 5 years ago

A rad sk8 vid featuring Dylan Schlandt, Andrew Meinders, Spencer Korchan, Daniel Mines, and Spencer Maxwell. Filmed by Spencer Korchan and Andrew Meinders.

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Haggis McHaggis 5 years ago

Premiered January 2015

preview image for Ambush Board Company - Open Ep. 20

Ambush Board Company - Open Ep. 20

RIDE Channel 6 years ago

Ambush has introduced a lot of kids to skateboarding and continues to grow the local scene. The skate team has always been solid with current local hometown hero’s that inspire the next generation to come. Ambush Board Company Ambush Board Co.- IG: @ambushboardco Skaters in appearance: Wes Lembo- IG: @wesleylembo Brendan Lagna- IG: @daghostwitdamost Skyler Clark- IG: @skigggs Zeke Logan- IG: @squirm420 Travis Glover- IG: @travis.rome.glover Louis Crisp- IG: @sweetloucifer Gary Sargent- IG: @colossus_of_clout Nick Hagley- IG: @nick_hagley Jonathan Owens- IG: @nwsb_skate Carson Lambert- IG: @_carsonsnow Bobby Henson- IG: @bobbyhenson_ Mitch Shutters- IG: #mitchshuttersdontinsta Filmed/Edited by: Cole Vanthof IG: @cole_vanthof Music: Rad-isaurus Rex “Alien” More at: SUBSCRIBE to RIDE: Like RIDE on FACEBOOK: Follow RIDE on INSTAGRAM: Follow RIDE on TWITTER: Check out the RIDE WEBSITE:

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jomanine 6 years ago

Minute montage of some recent, old and very old throwaway footage. Filmed by Nick Holtz, Grayson Miller, Karl Glaser & Matt Conrod

preview image for Untitled Video (FULL LENGTH WOW IT'S HUGE)


nickhoffer 6 years ago

4 murrell truly he is our gr8st sk8 of all

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