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Over Wall To Manny Pad

An additional wall has been added since the video link

Bust Level:Go Nighttime Only
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preview image for Down Right Evil - Full length video plus Bonus Content from DVD

Down Right Evil - Full length video plus Bonus Content from DVD

Scott Wagoner 4 years ago

Full length Atlanta skate video from 2015. Parts from David Clark, Dave Allen, Dan Plunkett, Justin Brock, Sam Buxton and a slew of others. The first song had to be muted because of copyright issues.

preview image for Headcleaner Full Video

Headcleaner Full Video

Transworld Skateboarding 9 years ago

Headcleaner is an independent recording by the Threads Idea Vacuum (Matt Creasy, Chris Thiessen, Alex Rose, and Bryan Reynolds.) Filmed in Long Beach, California, Atlanta, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Tennessee (with NYC and Florida in the mix as well) Headcleaner features James Coleman, Jason Spivey, David Clark, Brad Cromer, Jimmy Lannon, Taylor Nawrocki, Glen Fox, Jim Arnold, Tyson Peterson, Logan Lewis, Fletcher Renegar, Nick Guertin, Randy Rhodes, Danny Renaud and Wil Harcrow. DVDs available here: Follow TWS for the latest: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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