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Bubier Park Stage Ledges

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Quartersnacks a year ago

1. Jace Detomasso 0:00 2. Kyler Brandt / Noah Pollard 3:53 3. Wes Streett / Corbin Madsen / Nico JonRico / John Dilorenzo 6:52 4. Dan Lundy / Sean O Connor 10:55 5. Carlos Mendoza 14:28 6. Jake Sanso / Jordan Jones 17:51 7. Garrett Haschke 20:41 Filmed from April 2022 to November 2022

preview image for DGK - Zeitgeist - Full Length Video

DGK - Zeitgeist - Full Length Video

DGK a year ago

Each Era has a unique spirit of a generation or a period of time, this is DGK's. Intro: 0:00 Darius Jackson & Chaz Ortiz: 01:18 Montage 1: 05:50 Dlamini Dlamini: 08:04 Brian Reid: 08:57 Juan Moreno & Josue Dosouto: 11:56 Montage 2: 14:02 Adriel Parmisano & Robot: 17:51 Montage 3: 20:53 Will Mazzari: 24:25 Credits: 28:47 Saved by Skateboarding: 30:17 Featuring: Darius Jackson / Chaz Ortiz / Juan Moreno / Josue Dosouto / Brian Reid / Adriel Parmisano / Gianfranco Garozzo / Will Mazzari / Dane Vaughn / Anthony Davis / Adrian Mccoy / Brian Panebianco / Boo Johnson / Grady Smith / Kevin Bilyeu / Josh Kalis / Adolfo Franco / Deon Harris / Dlamini Dlamini / Isaac Walker / Mike Lawry / Gab Galipeau / Doogie Lester / Yorlin Phillips / Ashura Parchment / Tatem Dorder / Etienne Turnbull / Noah Francisco / Yuki Sawashima / Gerv Ndong / Joy Awosika / Dwayne Fagundes / Nick Dias / Kevin Augustine / John Shanahan / Monty Clifton / Max Guisse / Eric Valladares / Adrianne Sloboh / Ryan Farley / Johnathan Gonzales / Akeem Carby / Izzy Gonzalez / Curtis Fontenot / Collin Slew / Marquise Henry / Stevie Williams Follow DGK: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tiktok: Site:

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Sam Greenwood 2 years ago

preview image for "DISRUPTION" by Disorder Skateboards

"DISRUPTION" by Disorder Skateboards

Disorder Skateboards 2 years ago

Disorder Skateboards is proud to present "DISRUPTION". A quick recap of a 2 week trip the team took to Miami. Skaters: Nyjah Huston Dominick Walker Kwesi Holloway Becker Dunn Cole Hosman Filmed by: Ant Travis Nathan Groff Vitor Borger Spencer Burdock Jake Ilardi Adam Mills Edited by: Ant Travis

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Vice II

Vice Skateboarding 2 years ago

A Film By: Omar Massiah Featuring: Zion Effs , Noah Pollard , Jax Effs , Malique Simpson , BLP , Sebastian Tucci , Joshua Wolff , Marcos Montoya , Kevin Timmons , Daniel Scales , Lester Cepero , Zion Wright , Tyson Zane , Garrett Haschke , John Dilo , Josh Douglas , Jake Ilardi , Carlos Mendoza , Jamie Foy , Nikolai Piombo , Dan Lundy , Sean O'Connor , Ish Cepeda , Richie Effs.

preview image for Maxallure's "Born Free" Video

Maxallure's "Born Free" Video

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Marcos catches clips on New York's hottest spots and keeps the spree going in Florida before Jon puts down the final blows with a torrent of technical work. Filmed & Edited by: Zach Fuller Additional filming by: Jordan Moss Erick Valentic Angelo Fajardo Bobby Bills Omar Massiah Cody Thompson Ian Ostrowski Felix Soto Darion Stewart EstebanJefferson Zach Moore Alex Horton Pierre Lebret Bobaj Kemisse Zouikri Animation by: Leon Washere Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Duplex 2 years ago

Jake Sanso Paul Sakoff Jace Detomasso Kyler Brandt Landon Swan Jordan Jones Corbin Madsen John Dilo Manny Martinez Wes Streett Scott Brothers John Clayton Teak Leasor May-September 2021 @561boss x @duplexusa

preview image for Christian Drizzy Hanna "RNT" Part

Christian Drizzy Hanna "RNT" Part

Christian Hanna 2 years ago


preview image for GLOBETROTTER


Illegal Civ 3 years ago Edit by Andrew Freeman & Davonte Jolly Filmed by Andrew Freeman, Andres Garcia, Nate G, Frank Branca, Zoolzs, Omar Messiah, Eryk Burton, Jais Hansen, Davonte Jolly, Bobby Bills

preview image for Jamie Foy's "Sunshine State" Dickies Part

Jamie Foy's "Sunshine State" Dickies Part

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

Foy returns to Florida to unleash a firestorm of NBDs on the thoroughly trafficked region. Might need a few views for this one to soak in. Music in the video: “Banana Boat (Day-O)” Performed by Harry Belafonte Courtesy of RCA Records By arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Full Moon In Miami

Full Moon In Miami

Tristan Warren 3 years ago

preview image for John Dilo's "561" Part

John Dilo's "561" Part

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

Dilo heads straight to the streets after returning home to FL, breaking new ground at The Triangle and laying waste to every pad and bar in his path. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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GAS GIANT 3 years ago

MIAMI FLORIDA INSTAGRAM @gasgiants__ @ishcepeda

preview image for GODSPEED by Davonte Jolly

GODSPEED by Davonte Jolly

Illegal Civ 3 years ago Directed by Davonte Jolly. 0:00 - Intro 4:28 - Kevin White 8:50 - Ishod Wair 16:17 - Zach Saraceno 20:40 - Ish Cepeda & Robert Neal 25:46 - Noe Solis 29:31 - Nico Hiraga 33:09 - Aramis, Sunny & Gary 36:12 - Atlanta 38:27 - Hardies Hardware 40:25 - Nak,Louie,TJ,KB 42:51 - Homies 44:26 - Sean Imes 45:52 - Zion Wright 50:28 - Alex Midler 57:35 - Credits

preview image for Nikolai Piombo's "Shake Junt" Part

Nikolai Piombo's "Shake Junt" Part

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

Nikolai locks in for the long haul every time his trucks hit rail. Dude's got the magic touch. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Pyramid Country's Swimmin' in Er'

Pyramid Country's Swimmin' in Er'

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

The stars align for another cosmic trip with the PC team—this time through Florida! Max Taylor, Blake Carpenter and a few more smooth operators tag along for a winter getaway. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Digital "Get Tricks Or Die Tryin'" (2006)

Digital "Get Tricks Or Die Tryin'" (2006)

Skate Video Vault 4 years ago

preview image for Jack Olson's Greatest Hits

Jack Olson's Greatest Hits

REAL Skateboards 5 years ago

To celebrate Jack going pro (a couple times) we put together some of our favorite clips from over the years. Congrats again and again Jack! See Jacks Newest pro boards at

preview image for Josh Douglas' "Moving Forward" Part

Josh Douglas' "Moving Forward" Part

ThrasherMagazine 8 years ago

Florida is a ripe breeding ground for ripping skaters, and Josh knows how to handle the stuntwood. Cheers to the independent video project! Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Daze Ja Vu

Daze Ja Vu

Mikey Glover 12 years ago

~ Montage of most of my favorite clips from my video "Florida Daze". ~ Featuring: Chris Boylan, John Dilorenzo, Zion Wright, Daniel Arias, Derick Glancy, Michael Magalhaes, George Hodgkin, Drew Usiadek, Josh Baker, Ian Weisbecker, Evan Hamel, Logan Henderson, John Clayton, and Mike Glover(me)

preview image for Josiah Gatlyn Full Part 2010

Josiah Gatlyn Full Part 2010

gatlyngun 13 years ago

Filmed by Josh Cronje, Dean Antoniou, Jack Turner, Mikey Buesso.

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