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SONDER (Full Video)

bubbajacksn 5 months ago

sonder n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own Intro: 0:00 Jack Springer (Bubba): 3:24 Devin Brennan/Alan Rodriguez/Chad Martinez: 7:34 Eamon Samojla (Boof)/Cole Hosman: 12:08 Homies: 15:43 Evon Martinez/Blake Norris: 22:00 Credits: 31:40 FILMED AND EDITED BY: Jack Springer ADDITIONAL FILMING BY: Alan Rodriguez Justin Ladner Orion Garza Tyler Harris Brent Hyden Michael Bell Will Riemer Tyler Marshall-Youd Ryan Miller STARRING (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): Jack Springer (Bubba) Devin Brennan Alan Rodriguez Chad Martinez Eamon Samojla (Boof) Cole Hosman Evon Martinez CO-STARRING (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): Blake Norris Tyler Harris Justin Ladner Camp Schillereff Sid Munoz Orion Garza Brayden Medina Cayman Zack Jed Richardson Brian Perkins Kellen Perry Jimmy Cascio AJ Jendrasek Ben Sauer Dominic Moore Dylon Blackledge Vinnie Hacker Austin Heilman Becker Dunn Bradden Schemel Aziel Topete Destin Watts SOUNDTRACK: Hummer Smashing Pumpkins 2 Late The Cure Take da Charge Project Pat I THINK Tyler, The Creator Both Sides (feat. Shoreline Mafia) Shordie Shordie Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi) A$AP Ferg Zorba's Dance Giorgos Zampetas Honey Mariah Carey In The Garage Weezer If You Leave Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark SPECIAL THANKS: Adidas Alan Rodriguez Ben Sauer Blake Norris Boof Bubba Chad Martinez Chad Tim Tim Cole Hosman Converse Cons Devin Brennan Disorder Skateboards Dominic Moore Garage Skateshop Evon Martinez Justin Ladner Liza Grey Karl Watson Matt Larsen Maxallure Skateboards Moms & Dads New Balance Numeric Orion Garza Old World Village Richard Parry Scott Mackey Sierra Cannon Skyler Fancy Still Skateboards Tik Tok ;) Tom Almeida Tyler Harris Vinnie Hacker Will Riemer

preview image for Jake Ilardi's "Peninsula" Part

Jake Ilardi's "Peninsula" Part

ThrasherMagazine a year ago

Jake can nollie heel into rails and 540 in a backyard pool. The versatility is unreal. See for yourself... Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Pocket: Los Angeles

Pocket Skateboard Magazine 3 years ago

1. 0:21 Zentgraf, Mueller, Schaible: 2. 2:16 Bonez, Farid, Denny, Ledermann: 3. 5:39 Justin & Jost Pocket: Los Angeles is our first video. We took a bunch of very talented skateboarders to the City of Angels to let them do what they love. It's uncertain if we spent more time in our van or at spots but for sure the squad was out all day, every day, even at night. Three weeks with a lot of 4/20 resulted in 8/20 minutes of pure joy. We hope you like it! A Video by Dennis Ludwig Featuring: Patrick Zentgraf, Maxi Schaible, Erik Müller, Joscha Aicher, Denny Pham, Farid Ulrich, Daniel Ledermann, Jost Arens & Justin Sommer. Still Photography: Florian Hopfensperger Analog Sideshots: Joscha "Bonez" Aicher Thumbnail Photo: Justin Crawford Feel free to subscribe to our channel and follow us on Social Media: Our Website:

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Rough Cut: Matt Berger's "Album" Part

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Matt weighs in on the mental and physical battles he waged while filming for Album. Who does a back lip bigflip out that many times? The Kamloops killer, that’s who! Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for YOSHI "My Man's and Them 3" part

YOSHI "My Man's and Them 3" part

james park 4 years ago

IG- @mymansandthem

preview image for Bobby Worrest — Krooked: LSD (Let's Skate Dude)

Bobby Worrest — Krooked: LSD (Let's Skate Dude)

Quartersnacks 4 years ago

Full video here:



DGK 6 years ago

You've seen him putting down massive amounts of footage week by week, it should come as no surprise that Dane Vaughn is our newest pro. Get Dane's board now at: FOLLOW DGK AT: SITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

preview image for TRENT MCCLUNG - LOST PART !!!!!


Nka Vids Skateboarding 9 years ago Instagram's NKA - @nkalexander7 TRENT - @trentmcclung ADDITIONAL FILMING BY MARC OHATA - @marcohatafilms BUY MARKISA GEAR HERE !!!!/nigelalexander7!/home.php?sk=group_117677198294763&ap=1

preview image for Louie Lopez - Disorganized Fun

Louie Lopez - Disorganized Fun

Andrew Freeman 10 years ago

Filmed by: -Andrew Freeman -Marc Ohata Additional Filming: -Ryan Lee -Anthony Travis Edited by: -Andrew Freeman Music: Pt. 1 - 'Turnt Down' by Hodgy Beats Pt. 2 - 'Stay Schemin' by Rick Ross

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