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96th St Station Curve Ledge

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Steve Mastorelli β€’ 18 days ago

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Santa Cruz Skateboards 'MISPRINTS'

Santa Cruz Skateboards β€’ 7 months ago

We proudly introduce our newest video 'MISPRINTS' Starring Tom Asta, Maurio McCoy, Kevin Braun & Introducing Devin Flynn. Directed by Joe Perrin with associate producer Eric Palozzolo. With a focus on their east coast and midwest routes the crew traveled between Philadelphia, New York, Nashville and more over the last year. Camera work by Nick Hanson, Harry Bergenfield, and Joe Perrin Hit up our US Dealer Locator to find a shop near you! See the latest at our official store 🏁 WATCH "Bae" on THRASHER HERE! πŸ’₯ Santa Cruz Skateboards, located in Santa Cruz California, was established in 1973 by then owners, Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman who founded NHS Inc. Santa Cruz Skateboards has long been revered as one of the original skateboard companies that has not only survived over the years, but contributed to the innovation and modernization of skateboards and skateboarding. From the beginning, 'TIL THE END. Santa Cruz Skateboards Team: Blake Johnson, Devin Flynn, Emmanuel Guzman, Eric Dressen, Erick Winkowski, Fabiana Delfino, Henry Gartland, Jake Wooten, Jereme Knibbs, Justin Sommer, Kevin Braun, Maurio McCoy, Steve Alba, Tom Asta, Tom Knox, Yndiara Asp & Zion Effs Visit The Henry Gartland Foundation πŸ’œ Check us out on TikTok! Try our SCREAMING HAND Filter on Instagram! Learn more about Santa Cruz Skateboards at: Follow Santa Cruz Skateboards on Instagram! Follow Santa Cruz on Twitter! 'Like' Santa Cruz Skateboards on Facebook!

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'The HSS Video' By Halloween Stickers Skateboards

Quartersnacks β€’ a year ago

Filmed & Edited: Dylan Holderness and Evan Pacheco. 3D Animation: Nick Lane. Other Titles & Animation: Sam Cardelfe β€’ β€’

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Chase Walker β€’ a year ago

RESPECTFULLY FULL VIDEO presented by Late Night Stars filmed and edited by Chase Walker ig: @chasewalk3r ~ Intro Montage ~ Zak Anders Trung Nguyen Chase Walker Jb Garcia Rowan Liebrum ~ ZAK ANDERS FULL PART ~ ~ Montage #1 ~ Nico Marti Alan Bell Zak Switzer Patrick Woodling Davis Emory Morgan Calcote Jordan Shikle Eddie Siegfried Kevin Kardas Taylor Jacko Oscar Romero ~ Montage #2 ~ Brian Gonterman Max Taylor Justin Reno Matt Munson Dustin Eggeling Jb Garcia Jace Maupin Greg Mo Zach Mcbride ~ TRUNG NGUYEN FULL PART BANGER ~ Ben Sendukas ~ Video by ~ Chase Walker ~ Additional Filming ~ Trung Nguyen Nico Marti Diego Donnival Rowan Liebrum ~ Graphics ~ Zak Anders Ben Sendukas MUSIC ~Intro Montage~~ Double Knee - A Better Time Than Never Zak Anders #1 Skourge - Condemned Zak Anders #2 Washed Out- Theory Remix Homies Montage #1 Fear - Luggage Homies Montage #2 Til Tuesday - Sunday Homies Montage #3 Double Knee - You've Given Too Much Trung Nguyen Deftones - Pink Maget Banger + Credits Natalie Imbruglia - TORN Special Thanks All Late Night Stars Affiliation Crazy Skateboards Roger Skate Co. Cellies NYC Easy Lover Bar BK All the homies :) NYC Skateboarding

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The Dime/Vans Video

ThrasherMagazine β€’ a year ago

Alexis, Dustin, Leon, Una plus plenty more from the Dime and Vans camp spread the hype from Canada to NYC. Oh yeah, it's good. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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rvca β€’ 2 years ago

After a year of no travel and with the world opening back up, the RVCA Skate Team took the first chance to jump on a plane and head to New York City. Featuring Kevin "Spanky" Long, Zach Allen, Donta Hill, Curren Caples and Mark Suciu. Follow RVCA YouTube || RVCA -​​​ Instagram || @RVCA -​​​ Facebook || @RVCA -​​​ Shop RVCA ||​ #RVCA #BalanceOfOpposites

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Brad Cromer's "Half Moon" Krooked Part

ThrasherMagazine β€’ 2 years ago

Brad brings his lightning-fast flick and impeccable style to NYC's most envious spots and beyond. Doesn't get much better… Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Venture X NJ Skateshop : Jasper Stieve

Venture X NJ Skateshop : Jasper Stieve

Venture Trucks β€’ 2 years ago

Jasper Stieve holding it down for one of the east coast's finest, NJ Skateshop. #VentureTrucks #Awake

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Kyota Umeki β€” Homies 2 Part

Quartersnacks β€’ 2 years ago

Video by Kei Tsuruta β€’ Full video can be found here: β€’

preview image for PREMIERE: Brandon Gironda in "PFP5"

PREMIERE: Brandon Gironda in "PFP5"

jenkemmag β€’ 4 years ago

Brandon Gironda's (@landongranolagram) ender part from PFP5 outta Westchester, New York. Video by: Michael Sassano / @mikesassdv Buy PFP5 DVDs at MORE INFO:

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