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LA Fitness 8 Stair Rail

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Converse CONS "As You Wish" Video

ThrasherMagazine 10 months ago

Erik kicks things off with a bang, followed by a hard-hitting voyage through Sinoloa with the squad. Louie closes the curtains with one of the best performances of his outstanding career. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Last Resort AB – Alv's Angels

Last Resort AB – Alv's Angels

Freeskatemag a year ago

Featuring Chris Milic, Jesse Alba, Pontus Alv, Nick Rios, Dane Brady, Aaron Loreth, Ludvig Håkansson, Billy Trick, Jesse Alba and David Stenström. Edited by Daniel Dent. Thumbnail by Kris Burkhardt. 00:00 Pontus Alv 00:18 Nick Rios 02:08 Dane Brady 02:24 Aaron Loreth 03:12 Ludvig Håkansson 04:14 Billy Trick 05:21 Jesse Alba 07:27 Paul Grund 08:11 David Stenström 09:22 Chris Milic

preview image for GENESIS 2 FULL VIDEO


ian ostrowski 3 years ago

2:30 DYLAN CLARK 7:32 ELISE HEDGE 10:41 RAFI DADD 14:41 XAVIER HOLTE 18:38 JASPER LEVINE 20:35 SK8LIKEMIKE + CAMI 22:22 DYLAN NIEVES 25:46 FRIENDS 1 29:26 FRIENDS 2 31:55 DOG 33:09 IAN OSTROWSKI 35:26 BAO NGUYEN 41:20 TROY GIPSON 48:00 CREDITS @dudefromthe206, @genesis_video on instagram

preview image for Austin Thongvivong "Rhythmic" Raw Files

Austin Thongvivong "Rhythmic" Raw Files

Jacob Ball 4 years ago

this mf really got all these clips in like 5 days

preview image for Austin Thongvivong, Hoodie Part | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Austin Thongvivong, Hoodie Part | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Transworld Skateboarding 6 years ago

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preview image for Video Check Out: Austin Thongvivong | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Video Check Out: Austin Thongvivong | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Transworld Skateboarding 7 years ago

Age: 18 Home: Portland, Oregon Sponsors: Nike SB, Ashbrook Clothing, Lacorda Threads, Tactics Boardshop Am who should be pro: Jack Olson. Pet peeve: When someone is never fired up in a heated session. First skate video you saw: Fully Flared. When you're not skating you're: Relaxing at home chillin' with the family. Best style: Morgan Smith. Advice from your TM: Have fun skating all the time. Road trip essentials: Water, my phone, my skateboard, and homies. Thing you'd do if the world ended tomorrow: I would huck my self down El Toro as the world ends. That way I can say I jumped down it without killing my legs. Austin is straight on another level, watching him is surreal. He almost never bails, every trick he pops is followed by 100-percent commitment. He's always the most hyped dude at the park. No matter how much you think you love skateboarding, Austin loves it more.—Kyle RIchner

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