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Toronto Harbour Slanted Manny Pad

Bust Level:Low
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Blue Tile Lounge's Home Video

bluetilelounge97 10 days ago

0:00 25th Anniversary Retrospective 06:15 Intro 06:53 Ben St.Aubin 10:42 Justin David 11:05 Evan Hay 11:21 Lee Yankou 11:29 Friends 13:15 Chris Kuitenbrouwer & Harry Brewer 16:18 Josh Bos 17:22 Dylan Barnes & Ryan DesRoches 22:22 Credits Friends in order of appearance: Lucas Saba Dylan Fulford Landon Avramovic Callum Lang Jesse Landen Drew Williams Stafhon Boca Sai Meloche Annie Jane Marie Nathan Brown

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Maxallure's "Born Free" Video

ThrasherMagazine a year ago

Marcos catches clips on New York's hottest spots and keeps the spree going in Florida before Jon puts down the final blows with a torrent of technical work. Filmed & Edited by: Zach Fuller Additional filming by: Jordan Moss Erick Valentic Angelo Fajardo Bobby Bills Omar Massiah Cody Thompson Ian Ostrowski Felix Soto Darion Stewart EstebanJefferson Zach Moore Alex Horton Pierre Lebret Bobaj Kemisse Zouikri Animation by: Leon Washere Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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