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Westminster High School - Bank Ledge

I only recommend going weekends to lower the risk of being busted, most that's happened to me is being told to scram

Bust Level:Go Weekends Only
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Ace Pelka's "Naturals" Part

Arbor Collective 8 months ago

Introducing Ace Pelka's highly anticipated video part, "Naturals," and his first two pro models with Arbor Skateboards! Watch as Ace traverses the wild landscapes of North America with unique spot selection and off-road expertise that made for this fitting title. Arbor takes great pride in welcoming Ace to the family, as his vision perfectly aligns with the brand's ethos. With a shared commitment to reducing the impact on our planet, Ace joins the esteemed Arbor roster, contributing to their sustainability efforts. Throughout the years, this ongoing endeavor has been shaped by the collaboration between athletes and artists, defining performance, progression, message, light, and color for the brand, ensuring a sustainable future. We hope you'll enjoy this raw and natural form of skateboarding that Ace exudes. It's through his skateboarding and likeminded views that made these new models possible - Vanin' & Disconnected Youth are available now! Film: Brent Hyden Additional Film: Ira Ingram Music: The Cry "Twist of Fate" Photo: Tim Aguilar Link to Ace Vannin' Deck: Link to Ace Disconnected Youth Deck: Follow @arborskateboards - Follow @slappyredz -

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