700K | Trailer

daltonvideo 23 days ago

Filmed & Edited by Dalton Palacio Additional filming by: Brendan cline Logan Kirshak & Kyle Hues I wasn't gonna do this but I had no choice I had to give back my xtreme fisheye to Mikey because I left the group so I made this video so that I could sell dvd's to raise money to buy a new one /: https://movie1991.square.site/?fbclid=PAAaby-1p_V1NT_KTnp_hCyKBsfimB61H0Ag0Z8S3V_FU4gnvv3ZKBFgjMefw https://www.instagram.com/daltonvideo/ Featuring Logan kirshak Rob Mattox Benecio Montalvo Jaqweze Evans Joey Ramos Santana Saldana Orlando Garcia Joaquin Palacio Brett Badger Jonathan Henderson And more

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