Real Skateboards Presents: "Dude, You're Wasting Tape" Ft. Ishod Wair, Mason Silva, and More

Red Bull Skateboarding 8 months ago

Watch ALL Red Bull No Rewind Entries and vote for your favorite HERE: The Real Team tackled terrain varying from front yards, back alleys, school zones, college quads, to Tony Hawk's Million Dollar private vert ramp for their Red Bull No Rewind video entry. They're known for leaving spots in shambles, and this edit is right in step with what you'd expect from this eclectic squad. Proper shout out to Jesus Fernandez in there as well. Filmer: Andres Bill Real Team: Mason Silva, Ishod Wair, Kyle Walker, Tanner Vanvark, Jack Olson, Christian Henry, Gage Boyle, Patrick Praman, Zion Wright, Harry Lintell and Jimmy Wilkins ► Subscribe to the Red Bull Skateboarding on YouTube: Red Bull Skateboarding on Facebook: Red Bull Skateboarding on Instagram: Subscribe to the Red Bull Skateboarding on YouTube: Get the FREE Red Bull TV apps for all your devices: Watch Red Bull TV: #realskateboards #norewind #skateboarding