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preview image for éS | The unstoppable TJ Rogers | 2022 VX video

éS | The unstoppable TJ Rogers | 2022 VX video

esskateboarding 2 years ago

The unstoppable TJ Rogers is back AGAIN with another insane VX edit shot entirely in Los Angeles by Luke Lutz. Sit back and enjoy the hardest working man in skateboarding's latest video. #éS_TJIF Follow TJ at ------------------------------------------------------ Shop éS footwear and apparel Subscribe to our YouTube channel: We command you follow the Lords and Masters on all social media! Facebook: Instagram:

preview image for PLAN B- CODE


Plan B Skateboards 2 years ago

Plan B's latest video release: CODE 0:00 - Intro 2:17- Trevor Mcclung 6:01 - Felipe Gustavo 8:46 - Pat Duffy 10:48 - Aurelien Giraud 12:03 - Tommy Fynn 15:16 - Kristion Jordan 18:35 - Chris Joslin 23:24 - Credits

preview image for Venture X Geometric

Venture X Geometric

Venture Trucks 2 years ago

Geometric taking it from Houston to Dallas, LA, NY, and Florida with a stacked crew for the release of their new Venture collection. Limited V-Hollow Lights Trucks, Tees, and stickers. Only available in-store and online at Video by Will McCarthy

preview image for Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk

Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Homies, hijinks and heavy moves, Tyson cracks it open with some of his hardest hits in LA before T Funk closes out on his full-speed tear through our City. Not even the cover can prepare you for that China Banks ollie. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Shake Junt & Hijinx Net Present "SHRIMP BLUNT"

Shake Junt & Hijinx Net Present "SHRIMP BLUNT"

HIJINX Net 2 years ago

The new Shake Junt SHRIMP BLUNT video premiers March 17 at 8pm PT exclusively on Hijinx Net. Join this channel to get access to perks:

preview image for SONDER (Full Video)

SONDER (Full Video)

bubbajacksn 3 years ago

sonder n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own Intro: 0:00 Jack Springer (Bubba): 3:24 Devin Brennan/Alan Rodriguez/Chad Martinez: 7:34 Eamon Samojla (Boof)/Cole Hosman: 12:08 Homies: 15:43 Evon Martinez/Blake Norris: 22:00 Credits: 31:40 FILMED AND EDITED BY: Jack Springer ADDITIONAL FILMING BY: Alan Rodriguez Justin Ladner Orion Garza Tyler Harris Brent Hyden Michael Bell Will Riemer Tyler Marshall-Youd Ryan Miller STARRING (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): Jack Springer (Bubba) Devin Brennan Alan Rodriguez Chad Martinez Eamon Samojla (Boof) Cole Hosman Evon Martinez CO-STARRING (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): Blake Norris Tyler Harris Justin Ladner Camp Schillereff Sid Munoz Orion Garza Brayden Medina Cayman Zack Jed Richardson Brian Perkins Kellen Perry Jimmy Cascio AJ Jendrasek Ben Sauer Dominic Moore Dylon Blackledge Vinnie Hacker Austin Heilman Becker Dunn Bradden Schemel Aziel Topete Destin Watts SOUNDTRACK: Hummer Smashing Pumpkins 2 Late The Cure Take da Charge Project Pat I THINK Tyler, The Creator Both Sides (feat. Shoreline Mafia) Shordie Shordie Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi) A$AP Ferg Zorba's Dance Giorgos Zampetas Honey Mariah Carey In The Garage Weezer If You Leave Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark SPECIAL THANKS: Adidas Alan Rodriguez Ben Sauer Blake Norris Boof Bubba Chad Martinez Chad Tim Tim Cole Hosman Converse Cons Devin Brennan Disorder Skateboards Dominic Moore Garage Skateshop Evon Martinez Justin Ladner Liza Grey Karl Watson Matt Larsen Maxallure Skateboards Moms & Dads New Balance Numeric Orion Garza Old World Village Richard Parry Scott Mackey Sierra Cannon Skyler Fancy Still Skateboards Tik Tok ;) Tom Almeida Tyler Harris Vinnie Hacker Will Riemer

preview image for Darius King's "Alien Workshop" Part

Darius King's "Alien Workshop" Part

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

The Sect welcomes its newest inductee, as he pulverizes pristine LA spots and crushes some Ohio crust. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Adidas "Reverb" Video

Adidas "Reverb" Video

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Daewon, MJ, Silas, Busenitz, Heitor, Niels, Lil Dre, Suciu (and more!) scour the planet, crushing granite and laying down lines in adidas' 2019 epic flick. Gustav's curtain-closing part is gonna mess you up—again. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Matt Miller's "Visual" Part

Matt Miller's "Visual" Part

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Waist-high spots are Matt's bread and butter, and his 3rd and Army opener will knock you outta your seat. All hail one of skateboarding's all-time most boosted dudes. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for "Bella Terra" A High Boyz Video

"Bella Terra" A High Boyz Video

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Half these moves will leave you head scratchin'. Yuri Facchini, Rodrigo Peterson, Adelmo Jr. and their fellow Brazilians pull off an all-out assault in the Bay and back home. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Cruel Kindness

Cruel Kindness

Jonathan Yanez 4 years ago

Cruel Kindness is a skateboarding video based out of los Angeles with skaters from Pico Rivera and Whittier C.A. Filmed by Jonathan Yanez and Anthony Vega, Edited by Jonathan Yanez. Full Parts From Anthony Vega, Ryan Reyes, James Juarez, Koki Kasai, Chris Salazar, Paul Rosales, Phillip Elizalde, Jonathan Yanez, and Tony Willie. Full Friends Part Featuring Thomas Cardenas, Jordan Verdugo, Greg Toevs, Colin Gile, Charlie Ruiz, Lucas Maldonado, Danny Guerrero, Dominic Tiberio, Geoff Kowalchuk, Brent Strittmater, Jon Trujillo, Noe Cuevas, Eli Munoz, Mario Rocha, Andrew Lopez, Johnny Sevillano, Timotas, Sergio Santos, Edgar Solis, Lucas Barraza, Damien Hertenstein, Devin Bagnoli, Nate Greenwood, Andrew Allen, Mark Villero, Levi Jarvis, Franky Villani, Jack O'Grady. Zero Section Featuring Jamie Thomas, Adam Arunski, Kurt Hodge, Tony Cervantes, Jonno Gaitan Kannan Dern, Mikey Ray, Reggie Kelly, Vinny Delfio, Chris Cole, Gabriel Summers, and Dane Burman. Have no rights to any of the music, was solely made for viewing purposes only. Not to make money off of. Enjoy!

preview image for adidas Skateboarding presents /// MIKE

adidas Skateboarding presents /// MIKE

adidas Skateboarding 5 years ago

"Mike" is the first full-length adidas Skateboarding video part that officially introduces Mike Arnold to the team. A gentle giant with pure power and effortless style, Mike has carved out a lane of his own by avoiding what everyone else is doing. Traveling beyond his English hometown of Bristol, this video was filmed and directed by Jacob Harris. Music: "Drive Blind" - Ride Follow adidas Skateboarding: Instagram: Facebook: #adidasSkateboarding #MikeArnold

preview image for Dalton Jones “this door is a bucket”

Dalton Jones “this door is a bucket”

Mitch Guth 5 years ago

Cal Surf video, $10 DVDS @

preview image for Nike SB | Sean Malto | Elite Squad

Nike SB | Sean Malto | Elite Squad

nikeskateboarding 7 years ago

Back in classic form, Sean Malto kicks off the Nike SB Elite Squad video series. Featuring guest appearances from friends Guy Mariano and Antonio Durao, watch for Sean in his custom colorway of the all-new Dunk Low Elite. Learn more about the Dunk Elite Artist: Bot'Ox Song: Blue Steel More from Nike Skateboarding: Official website: Instagram & Twitter: @nikesb

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