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Davonte Jolly 6 months ago

Random montage featuring Robert Neal, Na-kel Smith, Ishod Wair, Dashawn Jordan, Ish Cepeda, Deedz, Alex Midler, Zach Saraceno, Louie Lopez, Nikolai Piombo, Dylan Jaeb, Shay Sandiford

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REAL Presents "Three Seasons" Video

ThrasherMagazine a year ago

Gage, Tanner and Patrick each possess a distinctive prowess and the collective result is sensational. Ishod, Zion and the whole REAL squad supply strong support, making this vid a must-watch. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Tiago Lemos – Souljah

Freeskatemag a year ago

Filmed by: Eric Iwakura, Pekka Lovas, Alex Kissinger, Alan Hannon. Edited by: Alan Hannon.

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"700k" by Dalton Palacio

jenkemmag a year ago

A group of the kids broke off from Illegal Civ and are proud to present their first full length video, "700k" Filmed and Edited by: Dalton Palacio Featuring: Rob Mattox, Joaquin Palacio, Logan Kirshak, Brett Badger, Garren Desjardins, Aidan Suncire, Joey Ramos, Julian Hucklebee, Santana Saldana, Benicio Montalvo, Danton Guzman, Ryan Herman, Alonzo Lopez, Jaidyn Fisher, Diere Stephens, Jordan Norwood, Jaquez Evans, Ezra Snyder, and a bunch of other homies. More Info: Buy the DVD: Shop Jenkem:

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BrendanCline a year ago

... Instagram : @fuckdude 0:00 Intro 2:27 Anthony Guerrero 6:20 Garren Desjardins , Brett Badger 10:40 Camp Schill 12:39 Justin Guevara , Rio Batan , Trey Star , Malcom Star 15:11 Jesse Guerrero 17:01 Joey Ramos , Lando Garcia , Joaquin Palacio 20:04 Julius Beltran , Nano Campos 22:39 Asher Eylicio 26:55 Homies 31:02 Albert Oropeza , Ferny Chavez 35:39 Aidan Suncire 39:26 Logan Kirshak 44:00 Credits

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Mariah Duran: Thunder Trucks

Thunder Trucks 2 years ago

With one heavy video part already under her belt this year, Mariah kept it moving and has another new part ready for your viewing pleasure. Follow Mariah Duran for more Filmed by Dean Kubasek Edited by Tim Fulton #ThunderTrucks #KnowControl

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Blue Tile Lounge's Home Video

bluetilelounge97 2 years ago

0:00 25th Anniversary Retrospective 06:15 Intro 06:53 Ben St.Aubin 10:42 Justin David 11:05 Evan Hay 11:21 Lee Yankou 11:29 Friends 13:15 Chris Kuitenbrouwer & Harry Brewer 16:18 Josh Bos 17:22 Dylan Barnes & Ryan DesRoches 22:22 Credits Friends in order of appearance: Lucas Saba Dylan Fulford Landon Avramovic Callum Lang Jesse Landen Drew Williams Stafhon Boca Sai Meloche Annie Jane Marie Nathan Brown

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DGK - Zeitgeist - Full Length Video

DGK 2 years ago

Each Era has a unique spirit of a generation or a period of time, this is DGK's. Intro: 0:00 Darius Jackson & Chaz Ortiz: 01:18 Montage 1: 05:50 Dlamini Dlamini: 08:04 Brian Reid: 08:57 Juan Moreno & Josue Dosouto: 11:56 Montage 2: 14:02 Adriel Parmisano & Robot: 17:51 Montage 3: 20:53 Will Mazzari: 24:25 Credits: 28:47 Saved by Skateboarding: 30:17 Featuring: Darius Jackson / Chaz Ortiz / Juan Moreno / Josue Dosouto / Brian Reid / Adriel Parmisano / Gianfranco Garozzo / Will Mazzari / Dane Vaughn / Anthony Davis / Adrian Mccoy / Brian Panebianco / Boo Johnson / Grady Smith / Kevin Bilyeu / Josh Kalis / Adolfo Franco / Deon Harris / Dlamini Dlamini / Isaac Walker / Mike Lawry / Gab Galipeau / Doogie Lester / Yorlin Phillips / Ashura Parchment / Tatem Dorder / Etienne Turnbull / Noah Francisco / Yuki Sawashima / Gerv Ndong / Joy Awosika / Dwayne Fagundes / Nick Dias / Kevin Augustine / John Shanahan / Monty Clifton / Max Guisse / Eric Valladares / Adrianne Sloboh / Ryan Farley / Johnathan Gonzales / Akeem Carby / Izzy Gonzalez / Curtis Fontenot / Collin Slew / Marquise Henry / Stevie Williams Follow DGK: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tiktok: Site:

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Bottom Feeder 2 years ago

preview image for Louie Lopez' "Honor Roll" Spitfire Part

Louie Lopez' "Honor Roll" Spitfire Part

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Louie explores the halls of higher education with Ryan Lee, stacking unthinkable hits at the iconic USC campus. Dude's earned his degree. Music featured: “Concorde” Performed by Franck Pourcel Courtesy of Warner Music France By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Primitive Skate | DEFINE.

Primitive Skate 2 years ago

We are very proud to present to you our newest full length video, DEFINE. Directed and Edited by: Alan Hannon. Filmed by: Alan Hannon, Eric Iwakura, Jake Leger and Alex Kissinger. Executive Producers: Oliver Barton, Jubal Jones, Heath Brinkley and Jaan Bhatia. Original Music by: By Best Friend Jacob. Art Direction: Blaine Birardi and Eric Frenay. Motion Graphics: Blaine Birardi. Still Photography: Oliver Barton. ► Subscribe to Primitive Skate: 🔥 Follow us: Instagram: 💰 Shop: Primitive Skateboarding was established in early 2014 by Paul Rodriguez and Heath Brinkley. Our pros are Paul Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, Miles Silvas, JB Gillet, Spencer Hamilton, Robert Neal, Marek Zaprazny, Carlos Ribeiro, Brian Peacock, Wade Desarmo, Franky Villani, Giovanni Vianna, and Trent McClung. Ams: Tre Williams, Kyonosuke Yamashita and Dylan Jaeb.

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REAL presents Ishod

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Already an all-time great, but still in his prime, Ishod makes it look easy in this ten-minute über part for REAL. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Special Service (2021) Full Video


SPECIAL SERVICE AstroCorp's First full length film Featuring - Craig Edwards, Pedro Deoliveria, Cody Heil, Christopher Heitt, Sierra Fellers, Jordan Maxham, Dominic Laborde, Erin Wolfkiel, Johnny Magana, Cole Gossett, Chaz Jones & More WWW.ASTROCORP.SHOP Filmed by Steven Page & Cody Smith Edited by Cody Smith

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Darkroom's "Incubator" Video

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

Pushing against cheese-grater ground and weathered ledges, the Darkroom team makes a masterpiece with some Midwestern crust. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Jake Ilardi's "Coastal Concrete” Part

Jake Ilardi's "Coastal Concrete” Part

ThrasherMagazine 3 years ago

Jake dismantles rails across the US before putting down the final word at Hollywood 16. No wonder his name is on a board. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Andrew Skateshop 3 years ago


preview image for Mark Appleyard's "Globe" Part

Mark Appleyard's "Globe" Part

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Our 2003 SOTY could coast on his effortless style alone, but he's still in the streets flipping onto hubbas and rails like a true pro. Witness the glory and the grace. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Tyson Bowerbank's "Almost Time" Part

Tyson Bowerbank's "Almost Time" Part

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Nobody spins like Tyson. After unleashing in Salt Lake's streets he keeps the heat on, breaking back-three ground in Barci. Wrap your head around this one. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Transworld "Modus Operandi" (2000)

Transworld "Modus Operandi" (2000)

Skate Video Vault 4 years ago

preview image for Digital "Get Tricks Or Die Tryin'" (2006)

Digital "Get Tricks Or Die Tryin'" (2006)

Skate Video Vault 5 years ago

preview image for Girl "Yeah Right!" (2003)

Girl "Yeah Right!" (2003)

Skate Video Vault 5 years ago

dvd quality, OG soundtrack 00:00 Keenan Milton 03:23 Opening Credits 06:00 Intro Montage 07:20 Brandon Biebel 10:12 Magic Board 13:43 Brian Anderson 16:43 Marc Johnson 20:46 Chocolate Montage 23:35 Mike York 28:55 Justin Eldridge 30:20 Gino Iannucci 32:24 Owen Wilson Skit 34:46 Robbie McKinley 36:55 16mm Girl Montage 42:34 Paul Rodriguez 46:17 Jereme Rogers 48:57 Mike Carroll 52:10 Rick McCrank 56:07 Invisible Board 57:54 Eric Koston 1:04:11 Credits

preview image for Gage Boyle's "Welcome to Spitfire" Part

Gage Boyle's "Welcome to Spitfire" Part

ThrasherMagazine 5 years ago

If you're looking to welcome yourself to the team, this is how you do it. Gage comes in screaming hot with guns blazing. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for duets | The Montage

duets | The Montage

Transworld Skateboarding 5 years ago

Order duets now on iTunes: DVD: Amazon: Google Play: Xbox: Vimeo: A staple of TWS videos: The Montage. A mix of friends and insane clips captured during the filming of duets, our 30th full-length video. Video by Joe Monteleone and James Buchmann Presented by Dickies and New Balance Numeric

preview image for Louie Lopez's "West End" Part

Louie Lopez's "West End" Part

ThrasherMagazine 7 years ago

We've watched him shred since he was knee high to Arto Saari. Three feet and a haircut later, Louie Lopez has emerged as one of the most gifted, versatile and beloved skaters alive. Silky gnar, perfect feet and with an endless arsenal of tricks on all terrain, this part captures a world-class ripper at the top of his game. He might just be the perfect skateboarder. Thank you, Louie! Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Trent McClung Goes Pro | Primitive Skate | Full Part

Trent McClung Goes Pro | Primitive Skate | Full Part

Primitive Skate 7 years ago

► Subscribe to Primitive Skate: Trent McClung enters the pro ranks with his full video part. Enjoy! Filmed and edited by Kevin Perez. Additional filming by Alan Hannon. 🔥 Follow us: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: 💰 Shop: Primitive Skateboarding was established in early 2014 by Paul Rodriguez and Heath Brinkley. Paul Rodriguez . Shane O'Neill . Bastien Salabanzi . Nick Tucker . Devine Calloway . Carlos Ribeiro . Diego Najera . Brian Peacock . Trent McClung.

preview image for Niels Bennett : Awake

Niels Bennett : Awake

Venture Trucks 7 years ago

Niels Bennett came through in his full AWAKE video part for Venture filmed by John Marello. Check the ender to see the footage of the switch wallride from his Venture ad.

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Foundation Commercial

Tum Yeto 13 years ago

preview image for FKD - Joey Brezinski

FKD - Joey Brezinski

stickmoe 18 years ago

Brezinski's part from the FKD video.

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