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preview image for my part in "meanwhile" rhett freeman skateboarding

my part in "meanwhile" rhett freeman skateboarding

Rhett Freeman 5 years ago

skateboarding in east atlanta with the goal of finding new unskated spots. the crustier the better. This was one of the funnest periods of time in the 20 plus years i have skated. charging crusty bum/security/thug heavy areas at all hours of the night and in any weather condition. east atlanta seemed like an untapped ocean of sketchy yet fun and aesthetically pleasing "spots". chris thiessen films and buttons it all up together to please the eye

preview image for SEC3 extras montage!

SEC3 extras montage!

Matt Mazza 9 years ago

Just some extra shit from SEC3 this isnt even half of it!

preview image for Rhett Freeman

Rhett Freeman

sugarcanekilla 13 years ago

from Chris Thiessen's "Meanwhile"

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