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Ridgecrest Intermediate School 3 Stair Out Rail

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Goosenectar (2014)

Skate Video Vault 2 years ago

A film by Andrew Freeman and Ryan Lee 00:00 Intro 02:00 Jared Cleland 08:07 Julian Heller 11:20 Jack Mcnulty 13:11 Cooper Latimer 14:43 Friends 18:08 Shane Fithian 19:20 Sean Imes 23:19 Kevin Baekkel & Austin Zito 27:11 Louie Lopez & Alec Majerus 30:20 Mason Silva 36:00 Steven Swanson 40:35 Outro 43:18 Credits

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Powell Peralta Presents: Andy Anderson Skateboarding

Powell Peralta 3 years ago

SUBSCRIBE TO THE POWELL PERALTA CHANNEL TODAY Powell Peralta Presents: Andy Anderson Skateboarding Editing by: John W. Oliver Andy Anderson Music by: Song #1 - Blue Heron Owen (O.Marcus) Newton “On The Computer” Andy Anderson “On The Keys” Song #2 - So Far Owen (O.Marcus) Newton “On The computer” Andy Anderson “On The Keys” Syddarta Booke “Beat Boxing” Listen to the full Album on Spotify: The Keyboarders @z9AtwH7sbuqZqz8OoxyTS Filmers: Deville Nunes Ty Williamson Nigel K. Alexander Dave Rouleau Dale Decker John W. Oliver Hippie Mike Nicolas Delvalle  Micaiah Furukawa  Robby Hargreaves Shawn Beaupre Sean Hayes Trick Acknowledgement: Frankie Hill Alex Midler Malik Simpson Natas Kaupas Stefan Lillis Akesson Leticia Bufoni Ben Koppl Rodney Mullen Ryan Brynelson Bill Danforth Mike Vallely Jeremy Wray Christian Hosoi Adam Hopkins Mark Gonzales Leo Romero Steve Caballero Sheldon “Swell” Smith Alex Chalmers Jamie Thomas Hippie Mike Dan Corrigan David Gravette Gou Miyagi Chad Vaught Mark Suciu Ray Barbee Stefan Albert Kevin Harris T.J. Rogers Spencer Hamilton Tony Hawk Chopper & Osaka Daggers Takashi Suzuki Nyjah Huston Chris Joslin Sebastian Lopez Thank You: Mom & Dad George Powell Stacy Peralta Vernon Court Johnson Kevin Harris  Sean Hayes John W. Oliver Nigel K. Alexander Robby Hargreaves  Arielle D'Amore  Owen O.Marcus Newton Hippie Mike Colin McKay Deville Nunes Christopher Hiett Alex Chalmers Chris Haslam Ante Thompson John Bradford Charlie Blair Cole Perera Craig Edwards Scott Decenzo  Dan Corrigan  Spencer Semien Andreas Alvarez  Nathan Jensan  Syddarta Booke Alex Anderson Graham Hood Moe Colbert Old Ladies & Babies  Sebastian Lopez  Peter Ducommun P.D.'s Hot Shop  Elijah Chance Bjerke Keshane  Every Filmer and The Powell Peralta Team

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Julian Heller's “Told Ya” Part

ThrasherMagazine 8 years ago

Julian barges, takes the hits, and won't stop til he's riding away. You can feel the East Coast grit crunching out of each spot he attacks, and his last trick is nothing short of a handrail masterpiece. Get James Klimek's "Told Ya" DVD here: Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Nick Trapasso Skateboarding Classic Clips #202 Part 4

Skateintheday 9 years ago

Nick Trapasso comes correct with his 4th Classic Clips part! For more Skateboarding Classic Clips EVERY THURSDAY please subscribe: Subscribe here: Follow Classic Clips on Twitter: Follow Classic Clips on Instagram: Name: Nick Trapasso Location: California Date: 2007

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