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Lincoln High School - 10 Stair Hubba


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Vice II

Vice Skateboarding ā€¢ 9 months ago

A Film By: Omar Massiah Featuring: Zion Effs , Noah Pollard , Jax Effs , Malique Simpson , BLP , Sebastian Tucci , Joshua Wolff , Marcos Montoya , Kevin Timmons , Daniel Scales , Lester Cepero , Zion Wright , Tyson Zane , Garrett Haschke , John Dilo , Josh Douglas , Jake Ilardi , Carlos Mendoza , Jamie Foy , Nikolai Piombo , Dan Lundy , Sean O'Connor , Ish Cepeda , Richie Effs.

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Alec Majerus' Gnar-V - Positive Latitude

Volcom ā€¢ 2 years ago

Have you ever just wanted to buy a van and travel around the country doing whatever you want with your friends? That's exactly what Alec Majerus did! In February of 2020 Alec took his 'Gnar-V' sprinter camper van from southern California all the way cross-country to Tampa, Florida for the annual Tampa Pro contest. With his friend and fellow ripper, Jared Cleland, Alec and the boys hit the road, skating all sorts of spots, travelling over 6,500 miles through 12 states in a little over 2 weeks! For the full report of the journey go to Skaters: Alec Majerus & Jared Cleland Filmed by Grant Amspacher and Taylor Phillips Edited by Grant Amspacher

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"Into The Pit" Full Video

Bronson Speed Co. ā€¢ 2 years ago

It would be hard to assemble a more savage squad than this group right here. Foy, Ramirez, Ducky, Axel, Clive, Winkowski and Delfino do damage in the South. Subscribe to the Next Generation Channel: šŸ šŸ Follow Axel Cruysberghs: Follow Erick Winkowski: Follow Clive Dixon: Follow Zachary "Ducky" Kovacs: Follow Alex Ramirez: Follow Jamie Foy: Follow Pedro Delfino: Filmed by Tylre Wilcox: Filmed by Gavin Denike: Learn More about Bronson RAW Bearings: Keep up with the #FastestBearings on Social: šŸ Instagram: šŸ Twitter: šŸ Facebook: Shop Next Generation Bearings šŸ’ø

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"Am Scramble 2019" Video

ThrasherMagazine ā€¢ 2 years ago

For our 3rd annual Scramble, we assembled some of the best ams in the game for a whirlwind tear through Florida, before they elevate to the pro ranks. Every Hubba assault, yank-in, Kona conquest, and hotel freestyle explodes with the vigor of blazing talent on the cusp. Heavy trip... Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Matt Fink

Swope904 ā€¢ 16 years ago

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