JENKEM - AntiFerg's "Timbs" Part

jenkemmag 3 years ago

Two years ago, an Atlanta skateboarder known only as Ferg sent us a full part of him skating in Timberland boots (you know, the tan boots that real New Yorkers live and breathe for). We had to premiere it, not only because Timb footy is always a good time, but because Ferg took Timb skating to a new level. It’s not like older skaters (Penny, Wenning, Pepe Martinez) who were just “good for skating in big-ass Timbs.” Ferg is good period—hardflipping triple sets, hitting handrails, and crip walking after bangers—so adding Timbs to the equation is straight wild. MORE INFO: Video by: Mitch Guth, Russell Baker, Patrick Eidson, and Elijah Gates