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riding a horse naked

widdip 2 years ago

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Tristan Warren 2 years ago

By Tristan Warren 2022 00:00 O'Connor Nelson 3:29 Kader Sylla, Tyler Appel, Mingus Gamble, Cooper Angelineff, Avi Malina, Sunny Suljic 6:57 Wavy Section 8:53 "Doggies Back" 9:46 Family Section 13:24 Katsuya Shiratori, Leo Freese, Dylan Varady 15:24 Jinx Montage pt. 2 17:20 Patrick Cannon 20:56 Credits

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Worldformation 3 years ago


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Melodi 3 years ago

EC III @ecmelodi on Instagram FEATURING Davis Emory Akobi Williams Judah Bubes Ellias Kitt Pete Simpson Yosef Bubes Zach Kitt Stephen Ostrowski Carter Wood Toby Bennett Evan frog skater Julian Jennings Brandon Starr Coles Bailey Mark ward Chris grant Andrew Reynolds Efron Danzig Kyota Umeki Luca Ettore Luke Blovad Pat Cannon O'Connor Nelson Lucas Bin Amin Sharif Filmed and edited by Eli Awbrey Puppets by Cole Montminy Additional Filming by Felix Soto

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'The Crystal Cleansing' by Widdip

widdip 3 years ago

UN-MUTED VERSION: *disclaimer* - nick and the 2nd to last song are muted ;( go to thrasher link above to hear the pure edit The 5th full-length by Widdip Featuring: Shane Farber, Garrett Haschke, Victor Gonzalez, Nick Hagley, Noah Chee-How, John Morrissey, Preston Carey, Lucas Jackson, Sky Wolf, David Godbey, Terrell Dunnings, Khamal Sanders, Grayson Miller, Jake Vezeau, Nick Hogan, Tyreek Morrison, Ellias Kitt, Matt Suwalski, Nigel Hart, Chris Milic, Cyrus Bennett, Hugo Boserup, Justin Brock, & Alex Olson 0:00 Intro/Garrett Haschke & Shane Farber 6:11 Khamal Sanders, David Godbey, & Terrell Dunnings 8:25 Victor Gonzalez 12:45 Lucas Jackson 14:05 Night time, Right time 15:48 Sacred Grounds 18:44 Nick Hagley 21:36 John Morrissey 25:45 Grayson Miller 27:18 Sky Wolf 28:31 Jake Vezeau 30:35 Noah Chee-How 31:42 Preston Carey 34:00 Final Montage 38:22 West End 39:09 Garrett & Shane Climax 42:50 Happy Ending Filmed & edited by Grayson Miller

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Mint Condition (full video)

Adam Robo 4 years ago

A Northwestern take of the South in an Atlanta based mid-length video by Adam Robo. Featuring: Austin Thongvivong, Shareef Grady, Alex and David Lobasyuk, Justin Hearn and plenty more of your friends and family from all over. Early 2021

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Down Right Evil - Full length video plus Bonus Content from DVD

Scott Wagoner 4 years ago

Full length Atlanta skate video from 2015. Parts from David Clark, Dave Allen, Dan Plunkett, Justin Brock, Sam Buxton and a slew of others. The first song had to be muted because of copyright issues.

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Worldformation 5 years ago

Featuring Justin Hearn Elijah Simmons Jairus Brown Jourdynn Sherman Anthony Ferg "antiferg" Austin Slade Zay Oliver Jack Pank Deven Warton Whatupgq Guy Azulay Jaden Becker Octavia Grace I do not own copyright

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HUF WORLDWIDE 5 years ago

The boys head to ATL for a little Southern hospitality. Featuring Brad Cromer, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Matthews, Dan Plunkett, Salomon Cardenas and Justin Drysen. Video by Tyler Smolinski. Shop the Fall '19 collection at

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widdip 5 years ago Bird takeover. NYC, Athens, Birmingham & of course Atlanta. Feat. Noah Chee-How, Garrett Haschke, Nick Hagley, Victor Gonzalez, Shane Farber, Grayson Miller, Ellias Kitt, Preston Carey, Andrew Murrell, Ben Hayes, Jake Vezeau, David Godbey, Zane Durfee, Jeff Hopper, Khamal Sanders, Jace Agoli & more

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Bender Video Zine

Bender Hardware 6 years ago


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Christophe Pettipas-Friedrich 6 years ago

Featuring: Tyreek Morrison Nyree Morrison Judah Bubes Anthony Williams Christophe Pettipas-Friedrich Karim Callender Akobi Williams Ethan Cobb Jordan Miles

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Transworld Skateboarding 6 years ago

Here is Pacemaker, the 5th video offering from threads. Pacemaker, was built on the concept of being more of an edit tape than skate video, a collection of the skating captured from going out with your friends over the course of a year. A nearly identical cast to the original threads video, pacemaker features: Nick Guertin, Cameron Dell, Jim Arnold, Randy Rhodes, Garrett Haschke, Shane Farber, James Coleman, Hartman Austin, Andrew Edge, and David Clark. We hope you enjoy watching, and in turn continue making videos with your friends, keeping the edit tapes alive. Hard copies available here:

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Bru-Ray: ATL Part 2

ThrasherMagazine 8 years ago

The ripping headed to Channon’s ramp for a fat roast and heavy session. Thanks for the good times, Georgia. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Will Gatewood - Format (intro+part)

Carver Weeks 8 years ago

Format Intro into Will Gatewood's part A skateboard film by Carver Weeks and Austin Sneed Recorded by Austin Sneed, Carver Weeks, and Gabe Harrison With Super8 by Austin Sneed and Carver Weeks

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CatNip SEC The Lost Bonus Part

Matt Mazza 9 years ago

CatNip is one of the most exciting skaters to watch. Whether hes nollie 360 flipping The Big 4 or simply bombing a hill, you'll never take your eyes off him. One blink and you can miss something incredibly. He might land bolts, he might land hang ten. It wouldnt surprise me either if he rolled away on one foot. You never know what your going to get. He goes fast, pops high as shit, takes the gnarliest slams, has wildest bag of tricks and will skate everything(or at least try). That is why CatNip will always be one of my favorite skaters and yours too. Enjoy the part!

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widdip 9 years ago

Full Video. Filmed by Grayson Miller and Kerrick Hall. Edited by Grayson Miller. Featuring: Victor Gonzalez, Kerrick Hall, Grayson Miller, Noah Chee-How, Wesley Lembo, Nigel Hart, Matt Suwalski, Shane Farber, Jake Vezeau, and Danny Molnar.

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Wesley Lembo Cinegasm Part

widdip 10 years ago

DVDs for sale at

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Brad Cromer Outliers Bonus Part - TransWorld SKATEboarding

Transworld Skateboarding 10 years ago

To announce Outliers available on iTunes today, here is an all new Brad Cromer part you won't find on the DVD or anywhere else. Brad's a machine! BUY ON ITUNES:

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widdip 10 years ago

Featuring: Matt Suwalski, Shane Farber, Noah Chee-How, Grayson Miller, Wes Lembo, Victor Gonzalez, Kerrick Hall, Jake Vezeau, and Nigel Hart



ATMversion7 10 years ago

This is Jeff Hopper, Matthew Creasy, and David Clark's shared part from 'Birdwatching,' the third video offering from Ruin Skateshop in Atlanta, Georgia. Stay tuned for 'Threads', a full length video from the .42 collective featuring full parts from David and Creasy, with appearances from Justin Brock, Jimmy Lannon, Jeff Hopper, Andrew Edge, Ryan Cooper, Dee Ostrander, Nick Guertin, Jim Arnold, and Alex Rose. Also featured: Jordan Smith, Brian Downey

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Josh Butler Bender Hardware Full Part

Matt Mazza 10 years ago

Josh Butler part of Bender HardWare Additional Bender Rippers: Andrew Edge, Trey Abad, and Ben Hayes Filmed By: Matt Mazza, Clay Newman, And Max Yoder

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ATMversion7 11 years ago

Andrew Edge's part in "Birdwatching", a film by Matt Creasy and John Willis. "Birdwatching is Ruin Skateshop's third video offering out of Atlanta, and is available at The video features parts from Andrew Edge, Ben Hayes, Cole Frazier, Brian Berding, Matt Creasy, Jeff Hopper, Jeremiah Babb, Chris Head, Chris Burns, Adam Kowzun and Nick Paolucci, as well as appearances by David Clark, Justin Brock, Dan Plunkett, Jimmy Lannon, Brian Downey, Zack "Z-Money Palace" Newman and more. Special guest appearances by James Coleman, Trey "Catnip" Abad, Josh Butler, and Travis Glover.

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