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preview image for Jeremiah Babb  "404-622-1224"

Jeremiah Babb "404-622-1224"

Bender Hardware 4 years ago

This is my "Sponsor Me Tape" that I sent to Satori around the year 2000. I made it at the Seaboard Avenue apartments (skate house) that me and a bunch of other friends lived. Packaged it up, skated to the Post Office in Little 5 Points and mailed the VHS tape off to the Satori guys. Hoping they'd remember my name and possibly my style from their beginnings in Athens, GA, circa 1996. Yeah, I got the call back from Craig asking "What took so long, man? We've been waiting for you." It was a great day that turned into some great times in my life, riding for the Satori Movement. Earlier 2020, Bobby Boyd went out west to see and meet with those guys about their re launch. While walking around the warehouse he came across the original VHS tape. I was amazed and stoked. Another close friend, Scott Wagoner, digitized it and well, here it is.

preview image for Christian Drizzy Hanna " 'Til Shiloh" Part

Christian Drizzy Hanna " 'Til Shiloh" Part

Christian Hanna 4 years ago

Drizzy's First HD project! 5 Months of clips!

preview image for Ruin Skateshop : The Ruin Video

Ruin Skateshop : The Ruin Video

Bender Hardware 5 years ago

Released in 2001 by Ruin skate shop and Matt Creasy, The Ruin Video features Jeremiah Babb, Phil Kent, Chris Head, Mike Devine, Mike Summers, Nick Turner, John Sheffield, Bobby Probst, Fred Reeves, Ian Mcpherson, Jed Davis and other friends of the store. ......*Unfortunately, Nick Turner's song and the Friends song song had to be omitted due to stringent song copyrights. Full video with all songs, here....

preview image for Yoder's "Creepin in the Cut" Video

Yoder's "Creepin in the Cut" Video

ThrasherMagazine 8 years ago

Homie videos always pack a unique punch with a mix of never-seen spots, hometown heroes, and all the weirdness that happens “out there.” Here’s one featuring Justin Brock, Dee Ostrander, Cyril Jackson, and many more. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for The Dirty South (The Atlanta Video) - Part 2 of 2

The Dirty South (The Atlanta Video) - Part 2 of 2

yousetube 15 years ago

This is a skateboarding video that surfaced in Atlanta area skate shops around the turn of the Century. It chronicles the late '90s Atlanta, GA skateboarding scene. To the best of my knowledge it is the earliest of its kind. Please excuse the quality as it is a VHS rip. Enjoy.

preview image for Travis Rippey, Matt Bennett, and Chris Manous

Travis Rippey, Matt Bennett, and Chris Manous

sugarcanekilla 15 years ago

from Max Yoder's "SEC 2"

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