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SE 30th Ave - Curved Curb Ledge


Bust Level:Go After Hours Only
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Aaron Herrington's "Homeward Bound" Part

ThrasherMagazine 5 months ago

After making his name in the East Coast streets, Aaron returns to Oregon to work the weathered asphalt and overlooked cuts of his home state. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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Chase Walker a year ago Alan Bell Zak Anders Trung Ngyuen Nico Marti Kyler Garrison Jake Lemonds Rowan Liebrum Max Garson Will Garson Erik Fishy Cooper Qua Ben Havran Seth Valestrand Nurse Nolan Mottle Taylor Jacko Jace Maupin Isaac White Jesse Newman Kalman Ochletree Tyler Vrckovnik Jordan Shikle Morgan Calcote Eddie Siegfried Filmed by Chase Walker Additional Filming by Nico Marti, Max Garson, Neema Joorabchi, Jack Eddy, Eddie Siegfried ... our phones Edited by Chase, Zak & Nico

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Just In Case

Mikey Guzman a year ago

Twenty First presents Just In Case filmed by Mikey Guzman featuring: Ducky Kovacs, Sam Shelton, Cristian Ojeda, James Gaehner, Randy Navarro, Jaxon Hearst, Simon Perrottet, Ollie Weismantel, Janos Herzog, Alex Guibert, Alex Baptista, Henry Hausner, Branson Howard

preview image for Little Blue Star

Little Blue Star

jacobkuzyk 2 years ago

Video by Jake Kuzyk Featuring: Dylan Fulford Etienne Gagne Chris Lakusiak Dustin Henry Landon Avramovic Ryan Witt Tremaine Glasgow Jacob Lavelle Leon Chapdelaine Ben Fenton Stafhon Boca Joe Buffalo Amadou Diallo Yom Tong Titles by Mikaela Kautzky Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2022. Thank you to Vans Canada

preview image for Monarch's "~Hello~" Video

Monarch's "~Hello~" Video

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Monarch's first vid puts their amateur roster front and center with the likes of Kieran Woolley, Blake Norris, Evon Martinez and more. Leticia, Diego and Sky stop by while Killer Mike keeps the track lit. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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