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Deep Fried "Pescado"

Deep Fried a year ago

Featuring: Mason Colleti, Jeff Carlyle, Dustin Partridge, Michael Schiedt, Martin Fimbres, Tynair Mabery, Eddie Cernicky, Izzy Tadesse, Sam Narvaez, Nick Michel, Andrew Fiene, Ivan Glenney, T-Funk, Kenny Hurd, James Ferrando, Giorgio Villone, Roger Krebs, Kinser Cathey, Shayan Ghahani, T4, Cody Thompson, Otto Ray, Jp Escobar, Jean Carlos, Yolo Barragan, Waldo Diaz, Gerson Guzman, Jared Burke, Zack Krull, Chris Athans, Cody Chapman, James Levinski, Kenny Garcia, Matt Martin, Cesar Bernal, Josh McLaughlin, Simon Bannerot, Adam Taylor, Chris Rivera, Dillon Krull, Sean Greene, Nile Gibbs, Robby Bootes, Brian Slatts, Matt Finley, Tanner Napper, Dominick Walker, Athen McCrary, Alex Moran, Marley Humphrey and Marshall Manuel cover photo: Pizzle

preview image for RIGHT HERE FOR PABLO


ThrasherMagazine a year ago

The streets of San Francisco and an ensemble of Pablo's friends and family deliver a full-length that will make your heart flutter. We love you, Spliff. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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preview image for CANDYLAND


william strobeck 4 years ago

A video by William Strobeck for Supreme in San Francisco. *Starring* Pablo Ramirez Kader Sylla Rowan Zorilla Kevin Bradley Vincent Touzery Sage Elsesser Tyshawn Jones Caleb Barnett Adam "Joogy" Taylor Sean Greene Jeff Carlyle Zak Krull Tetty Eddie Cernicky Sean Pablo Matt Finley JB Santino Gagliarducci Aidan Mackey Mark Gonzales Jamal Gibbs Nik Stain MANCHHHHH! Ben Kadow Taylor Nida Beatrice Domond Cher Strawberry Auguste Bouznad Andrew Torralvo Elissa Steamer Lui Elliott Tino Razo Jason Dill *Additional Filming* Johnny Wilson Ryan Garshell and Otto Ray

preview image for Girl "Yeah Right!" (2003)

Girl "Yeah Right!" (2003)

Skate Video Vault 4 years ago

dvd quality, OG soundtrack 00:00 Keenan Milton 03:23 Opening Credits 06:00 Intro Montage 07:20 Brandon Biebel 10:12 Magic Board 13:43 Brian Anderson 16:43 Marc Johnson 20:46 Chocolate Montage 23:35 Mike York 28:55 Justin Eldridge 30:20 Gino Iannucci 32:24 Owen Wilson Skit 34:46 Robbie McKinley 36:55 16mm Girl Montage 42:34 Paul Rodriguez 46:17 Jereme Rogers 48:57 Mike Carroll 52:10 Rick McCrank 56:07 Invisible Board 57:54 Eric Koston 1:04:11 Credits

preview image for Blake Norris' "Wicked Child" Part

Blake Norris' "Wicked Child" Part

ThrasherMagazine 4 years ago

Vegas native Blake Norris has been terrorizing the streets of the Bay for a few years and it culminates with this wild ender at the Cardiel ledge. Twisted! Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Cody McEntire's "T-1000" Part

Cody McEntire's "T-1000" Part

ThrasherMagazine 8 years ago

The board control is so dialed you just know he could do half of these tricks in his sleep. Cody’s no newcomer to the scene, but this part really showcases his capabilities on a board. Rewind and repeat. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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