Elijah Akerley's "ALL GO, NO SHOW" Indy Part

Independent Trucks 7 months ago

Elijah Akerley hits all of the classic Bay Area spots and more in his "ALL GO, NO SHOW" Independent Trucks part. Follow Elijah - https://www.instagram.com/stonedspork/ Filmed by Izzy Garcia II, Adam Anorga, Jacob Nuñez, Sean Cagney, Adam Robo, Keaton Rodgers, Jesse Silva, and Juan Pablo Gonzalez Chanotv Edited by Izzy Garcia II and Elijah Akerley ____________________________________________________________________ Ride The Best and Subscribe to Independent Trucks! Shop: https://nhsskatedirect.com/pages/independent-trucks YouTube: http://bitly.com/IndyYouTube​​ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IndependentTrucks Instagram: https://instagram.com/independenttrucks​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/indy_trucks​