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Gap To Rail

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preview image for Isla Voyeur by Widdip Atlanta

Isla Voyeur by Widdip Atlanta

Freeskatemag 5 years ago

Featuring: Garrett Haschke, Nick Hagley, Grayson Miller, Shane Farber, Victor Gonzalez and Noah Chee-How. Filmed and edited by Grayson Miller. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

preview image for Bloody Chicken Boots

Bloody Chicken Boots

Ambush Skateboarding 6 years ago

Ambush Board Co.'s first skate-video "Bloody Chicken Boots" ('01) now on-line for the first time. Enjoy! Video with full audio on-line on vimeo:

preview image for Stormy Pruett Dogshit

Stormy Pruett Dogshit

Max Yoder 10 years ago

Stormy Pruett's video part from Dogshit. Video by Ryan Dearth and Matt Creasy 2002

preview image for SEC 3 Full Video

SEC 3 Full Video

Matt Mazza 10 years ago

Intro and bonus part as well! Intro by: Matt Swinsky Filmed and edited by: Max Yoder and Matt Mazza Thank you to everyone who helped out!

preview image for The Dirty South (The Atlanta Video) - Part 1 of 2

The Dirty South (The Atlanta Video) - Part 1 of 2

yousetube 14 years ago

This is a skateboarding video that surfaced in Atlanta area skate shops around the turn of the Century. It chronicles the late '90s Atlanta, GA skateboarding scene. To the best of my knowledge it is the earliest of its kind. Part 1 featuring: Mike Summers, Alfonso Dormun, Sid Sewell, Fred Reeves, Joe Muska, Victor Smirnoff, Steven Young, Shawn Beeks, Gary Collins, Marc Jones, John Sheffield, Kien Lieu, Ryan Taylor, Mike Sweat, Nick Matlin, Sean Stockton, Jeremiah Babb, Neil Heddings, Jed Davis, Chad Knight, Clint Conky, Chad Raffles, Judd Heald, Chris Jacobs, Mason Wells, Chris Swanson, Phil Kent, Matt Contreres, Nick Turner, Brian Hutcherson, Scott McKenzie, Nate Sharon, Jay Buck, Stormy Pruett, and Chris Head. Please excuse the quality as it is a VHS rip. Enjoy.

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