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Ledge Drop Ledge

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Finn Brown 2 years ago

Instagram - @y2kthousand Skaters in order of appearance: Julian Jennings Hank Hargis Conan Kelliher Skyler Strand Christian Modica Harrison Kelliher Lamont Accoo Daniel Godoy Truman Coltrin Filmed and edited by Finn Brown on a HVX200 Song 1 : Machine Girl - Life Force Song 2 : Pink Playground - Come Find Me Song 3 : Stelvio Cipriani - Speed Driver: Love In The Hospital Song 4 : Mayhem - Necrolust (Zyklon B Split) Song 5 : Title Fight - Dust Collector Song 6 : Automation - Bloodsport

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Isla Voyeur by Widdip Atlanta

Freeskatemag 7 years ago

Featuring: Garrett Haschke, Nick Hagley, Grayson Miller, Shane Farber, Victor Gonzalez and Noah Chee-How. Filmed and edited by Grayson Miller. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

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James Burton "REROUTED" Part

Matt Conrod 7 years ago

James Burton Filmed by Matt Conrod DVDs at

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Shane Farber in "Cinegasm"

shane farber 9 years ago

My part in cinegasm filmed and edited by Grayson Miller get the full video at #widdip #widdipatlanta @widdipatlanta on Instagram

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SEC 3 Full Video

Matt Mazza 11 years ago

Intro and bonus part as well! Intro by: Matt Swinsky Filmed and edited by: Max Yoder and Matt Mazza Thank you to everyone who helped out!

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Trey Abad (Catnip) SEC 3: The Final Chapter Part

Max Yoder 11 years ago

Catnip's part from SEC 3 The final Chapter BUY NOW AT SECTHREE.TUMBLR.COM Filmed by: Max Yoder and Matt Mazza

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Max Yoder 13 years ago Josh Butler, Catnip, Daniel Lutheran, Collin Provost, Travis Glover, Ant Mo, Cory Gunn, Andrew Edge, Mckenzie Goff, Ryan Cooper, Dakota Plumley, Alex Dixon, Zeke Logan, Justin Diamond

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