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preview image for Emerica's "Emerge" Video

Emerica's "Emerge" Video

ThrasherMagazine 2 years ago

Matisse Banc and Jordan Powell start the show, shutting down sets before Braden Hoban solidifies his status as one of the best rail skaters out. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for FRONTBLUFF I


Dalton Miller 2 years ago

preview image for Mint Condition (full video)

Mint Condition (full video)

Adam Robo 3 years ago

A Northwestern take of the South in an Atlanta based mid-length video by Adam Robo. Featuring: Austin Thongvivong, Shareef Grady, Alex and David Lobasyuk, Justin Hearn and plenty more of your friends and family from all over. Early 2021

preview image for GODSPEED by Davonte Jolly

GODSPEED by Davonte Jolly

Illegal Civ 3 years ago Directed by Davonte Jolly. 0:00 - Intro 4:28 - Kevin White 8:50 - Ishod Wair 16:17 - Zach Saraceno 20:40 - Ish Cepeda & Robert Neal 25:46 - Noe Solis 29:31 - Nico Hiraga 33:09 - Aramis, Sunny & Gary 36:12 - Atlanta 38:27 - Hardies Hardware 40:25 - Nak,Louie,TJ,KB 42:51 - Homies 44:26 - Sean Imes 45:52 - Zion Wright 50:28 - Alex Midler 57:35 - Credits

preview image for SEC4


Matt Mazza 3 years ago

SEC4 is live. Featuring some of Atlanta's finest skateboarders Brendon Lagna, Travis Glover, Skyler Clark, Dakota Plumley, Zeke Logan, Trey Abad, Josh Butler and more!

preview image for OVERLOAD promo #2

OVERLOAD promo #2

Haggis McHaggis 4 years ago

preview image for Full Video: Etnies Album - Chris Joslin, Trevor McClung, Ryan Sheckler

Full Video: Etnies Album - Chris Joslin, Trevor McClung, Ryan Sheckler

Tomas Ibaceta 4 years ago

Trevor McClung 2:22 Silvester "Doogie" Eduardo 9:54 Matt Berger 12:54 Nick Garcia 17:35 Jamie Tancowny 21:15 Koichiro Uehara 24:57 Ryan Sheckler & David Reyes 26:18 Willow 31:08 Ryan Lay 34:25 Barney Page 38:08 Aidan Campbell 45:42 Chris Joslin 50:30 Enjoy this video in HD, live skateboarding

preview image for Analogue - Patrick Praman

Analogue - Patrick Praman

John Evans 5 years ago

preview image for Santa Cruz's "Til The End" Video

Santa Cruz's "Til The End" Video

ThrasherMagazine 5 years ago

To say the Santa Cruz squad is stacked is an understatement. This vid showcases some soon-to-be household names, as well as the OGs. Now sit back and enjoy this feature presentation... Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

preview image for Dalton Newbury's "Melodi" part

Dalton Newbury's "Melodi" part

Jeff Cecere 5 years ago

Dalton Newbury for Melodi ~ Filmed by Matt Bowen, Jeff Cecere, Felix Soto, John Evans, and Ethan Cobb ~ Edited by Jeff Cecere 2018

preview image for etnies ALBUM  Ryan Sheckler & David Reyes FULL PART

etnies ALBUM Ryan Sheckler & David Reyes FULL PART

Keep Skating 5 years ago

preview image for Melodi Won

Melodi Won

Melodi EC 7 years ago

@ec.melodi Filmed/Edited by Eli Awbrey (@quitskating) Skaters Judah Bubes (@judah.boof) Dalton Newbury (@jewbury) Ethan Cobb (@shitmyjoggers) Jeremiah Awbrey (@skimp.5) Akobi Williams (@rust.oh) Ellias Kitt (@whatsgood.fam) Zach Kitt ( Yosef Bubes (@blamos1) Oliver Cobb (@oliver_cobb)

preview image for DGK SAVED


Transworld Skateboarding 7 years ago

DGK's newest video showcasing the squad that has been Saved by Skateboarding. All of the DGK team is featured in this video, as well as a whole mix of new faces to the DGK squad. The perfect video to spark up 2017. Subscribe to TransWorld's YouTube: Follow TWS for the latest: Daily videos, photos and more: Like TransWorld SKATEboarding on Facebook: Follow TransWorldSKATE on Instagram: Follow TransWorldSKATE Twitter: Follow TransWorld on Snapchat: transworldskate

preview image for Surveillance #03 :  ATL

Surveillance #03 : ATL

REAL Skateboards 7 years ago

Robbie Brockel, Peter Ramondetta, Jake Donnelly, Jafin Garvey. Filmed and edited by : Jeremy Mcnamara Additional cinematography : Alex Yoder Motion Graphics : Trevor Morgan Title Art: Andy Pitts

preview image for Rusty Trombone

Rusty Trombone

ATMversion7 9 years ago

Atlanta skateboarding, circa early 2000s. Jeremiah Babb, Mike Devine, Chris Head, John Sheffield, Mike Summers, Phil Kent, Graham Bickerstaff, Stormy Pruett, Matt Creasy, others.

preview image for Classics: Justin Brock "Southern Comfort"

Classics: Justin Brock "Southern Comfort"

ThrasherMagazine 9 years ago

Every few years a homie video drops which has a skater in it as gnarly as the best pros of the time. This was an example. Davis Torgerson introduces an epic part from a 2007 Atlanta video.

preview image for Scarlet Fever - Wes Masters

Scarlet Fever - Wes Masters

GW217 11 years ago

A film by Chris Thiessen. 2007.

preview image for What Really Happened with Jeremiah Babb

What Really Happened with Jeremiah Babb

ATMversion7 13 years ago

Jeremiah's part in 'Rusty Trombone'

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